Zero Namikaze
Personal Status
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 175.4 cm
Weight 62.3 kg
Blood Type G
Affiliation Akatsuki Akatsuki
Clan FTGK Namikaze Clan
Partner Kazuya Uzumaki
Family Minato Uzumaki (source)
Classification Jinchuriki
Tailed Beasts Kurama
Nature Type Yin–Yang Release Yin–Yang Release Lightning Release Lightning Release
Jutsu Yin–Yang Release Flying Thunder God Technique
Yin–Yang Release Space–Time Barrier
Summoning Technique (toads)
Yin–Yang Release Time-Space: Rasengan Barrage
Twin Rasengan
Giant Rasengan
Sage Art: Big Ball Rasengan
Sage Mode
Frog Kata
Yin–Yang Release Shadow Clone Technique
Weapons FTGK Flying Thunder God Kunai

Background Edit

Zero is not necessarily a human, for he was created by Ikusa from the original corpse of Minato Namikaze. Right from day one Zero served for the Akatsuki that is currently run by Ikusa. Zero is partnered with Kazuya Uzumaki and he wears the white colored ring renowning himself as Akatsuki's White Flash.

Abilities Edit

Due to sealing the Yin part of Kurama's chakra into Minato before his death, once Ikusa took Minato's corpse to create Zero he then also gained the abilites. He is also able to gain the cloak.

One of Zero's gains was his immense speed and acute reflexes, able to react fast enough to catch an infant Naruto mid-fall to prevent him from being stabbed. Combined with his great proficiency in the Body Flicker Technique, he could easily react and reach in time an ally to save them from enemy attacks. He could also respond to Ryuga's Kamui technique quickly enough to escape it. He is often referred to throughout the fanon as the thrid fastest shinobi who ever lived, with the speed of the currently second fastest living shinobi often being compared to his own, such as Ikusa or A , with the former admitting that even with his Lightning Release Armour enhancing his already immense speed and reflexes was still outmatched by Zero.

Rasengan & The DerivedEdit

As Zero was placed on a team with a very strong partner, they trained a lot. To the point were his Rasengan was beginning to be too predictable. After Kazuya Uzumaki|Kazuya told Zero of this knowledge it lead Zero to come up with a new technique; Yin Release: Dark Void. This technique is still a simple Rasengan enhanced with Yin Chakra inorder to make the technique that much better. Though there is a after effect the foe faces when hit by this attack. For the foe is then sucked into a Dark Void (which is really how this technique got its name).

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