This is a very powerful and last resort technique created by Daichi Senju. When he is ready to use this technique, he sends Yang Release and Wood Release chakra throught out an area to make a barrier of very large trees depending on how big he wants it to be. When the barrier is placed it is no escape from it (unless he releases it). Then he has to touch the person or thing he is trying to seal and puts a seal sign on that person or thing. When that is done, he uses Yang Release and Wood Release chakra to make a very very large tree to grow rapidly from where the seal sign. The tree then encases the person or thing inside if its trunk, but doesn't crush them or kill them. Once inside the trunk, the person or thing cannot get out. Then Daichi gets out of the area by releasing the tree barrier, but leaves a clone inside. Then once he seals back up the spot he exited from, Daichi's clone encases the area in a very large almost unbreakable ginjutsu using Yin Release. Then Daichi weaves a hand sign and all the trees that were used as a barrier start to grow and expand towards the very large tree with the person or thing inside it. Then the trees form a very large tree 
Yin-Yang Release Seal

that cannot be destroyed. Then he weaves one more hand sign that makes the tree get smaller and smaller until it turns into a very small acorn. The person or thing inside are in a genjutsu that cannot be broke. 

If a person gets the acorn and plants it, every thing that happens when the seal is used is reversed and every tree that was made grows back, but it takes thousands maybe even millions of years to grow back and release the person inside. 

The seal can be broken by Daichi to release the person inside at anytime if he choses. The very bad down fall to this technique is that Daichi cannot use it for another 5 years, and it seals all of his chakra points for 10 years,so he cannot use any jutsu untill the 10 years are up.