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Water Sage Mode (Mizu sējimōdo, 水セージモード) is another type of sage mode created by Shiden Rei Senju that uses natural energy just like Toad or Hashirama Senju sage mode.


Mainly the user's speed, reflexes, sensory skills, and ninjutsu are enhanced. There are additional skills that are enhanced as well, but not as much as these 4.

  • Strength: Out of all the skill enhanced, this one is not enhanced that much. For example, in toad sage mode, the users strength is enhanced to where they can pick up very large things like boulders 5x or more the user's size as shown with Naruto and Jiraiya, even more further, Naruto could pick up Kurama and swing him over his head. With Water Sage Mode, The user has just enough strength to kill some one in one punch, or create a small crater in the ground, but nothing serious like picking up huge rocks and boulders 5x the size of themselves.
  • Taijutsu: The users Taijutsu is enhanced a bit as well. The user can extend his reach of his limbs to hit an opponent.
  • Genjutsu: It does enhance the users Genjutsu, if the user has experience with genjutsu then h

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