• ISavage

    Hi. I am User:iSavage and I am the KazeKage of this naruto fan site. So this means I am in charge of all Senju based characters. 

    1.Just about all Senju characters are Nice and Peaceful, so don't make it to where they are evil and hate everything like the Uchiha or start wars for no reason, Its not nice. Also you have to tell me where they were because the Senju clan is just about extinct, so they can't be in Konohagakure because it says that the Senju didn't become one of the four noble clans of Konohagakure nor is there any known people with the last name Senju so yeah.

    2.Wood Release. Ok so in order for your Senju character to have Wood Release, you have to get permission from me, and even then you still have to come up with a really good ex…

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