Hello once more I am, EmperorSigma and i'm here today with another probably boring blog. Though if you look forward to making or currently have an Ucchiha Clan character then this blog is certainly for you.


"In order to make a sensible Uchiha Clan mamber you will need these steps, and if you don't 10 times out of 10 the character will be either bye bye or smoeone will be kind enough to help (thats nearly never though)."

1st: First and foremost do not I repeat DO NOT leave out the part about how he/she either A.) Had nothing to do with the Massacre or B.)Escaped it. This part of the character needs to be if anything put into his background.

2nd: There will be no possible way for a Uchiha Clan member to be 11 years old if you character is supposed to take place while Naruto is a genin. I mean come on are you erious don't do that please I just makes no since worth so ever.

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