Cero 2

This is what it looks like when it is combined

Tri Dragon Kiro is a combination of all 3 Kiro's from the 3 types of dragons. It is the most powerful Kiro that requires the person to be in Release 2 or Release 0 and they have to have all 3 dragons inside them. This Kiro is the equivalent of the 10 tails tailed beast bomb. It can be mixed up into 1 or fired from 3 different angles. But it can have the most smallest external damage ever. If the person wanted to, he could contain it to only put a basket ball size hole in a person and it is an instant kill. But when it does that it cannot be stopped, it will keep going straight until the user stops it. But when they don't contain it, the Kiro can blow up a radius of 35 miles. The problem to this technique, is that it can only be fired once, and not rapidly, also it has a 8 minute delay when it can be fired again.

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