Tomiko Uchiha
Aliases The Life Sucker
Journey Information
Biographical Information
Birthdate January 5
Gender Female
Age 36
Height 5'7
Weight 125 lbs
Blood Type AB
Classification S-Rank Missing Nin
Affiliation Konohagakure
Family Kamon Namikaze (lover)
Clan Uchiha Clan
Chakra Natures Fire Release

Wind Release Blaze Release

Kekki Genkai SharinganSharingan
Ninja Rank Jonin
Academy Grad. Age 13
Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique

How She Survived The MassacreEdit

She was not even apart of the village when the massacre happened. She was classified to be supposedly killed by the 9-tails when it attacked the village. About a year after she gave birth to her son, (future character), they were separated when the 9-tails attacked. When she went to fight the 9 tails, she was saved by Kamon Namikaze. As the 9 tails was about to swipe the group of ninja, Kamon flung himself in front of her, taking the damage from the 9-tails, saving Tomiko.

When She was Reunited with her SonEdit

After she recovered and spent a little time with Kamon, she went off to find her son. She searched for 4 years and found him in a village in another land. He was being tortured by some kids in a forest area. She went to save him and they were reunited. As they grew older, they went from village to village for money. Then, one thought to be simple mission, awakened her Mangekyō Sharingan

When She Awakened Her SharinganEdit

When she was about 13 was when she awakened her 2 tomoe sharingan. Some of her friends were killed executed right in front of her. Her emotions awakened the 2 tomoe sharingan. Then 7 years later, while giving birth to her child, she was under so much stress that it awakened the 3 tomoe sharingan. Doctors weren't really amazed because, that was what usually happened when Uchiha members gave birth.

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