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Introduction to the ClanEdit

The Dragon Inheritors (継承) is a clan that were sucked into a another dimension during the Warring States Period. The clan had a unique skill to completely inherit what they sealed into themselves(organic organisms) the only 2 clans they could not inherit was the Uchiha and Senju. People said that it was just Fuinjutsu, but it wasn't. They are not sure if it was a Kekkei Genkai Technique, or Hiden. It was just a unique skill. Their location was on a mountain called Dragon's Ridge, and in the mountain were secret caves and holes.

How They Went MissingEdit

One day the whole clan had to go into the mountain to escape from the clan with Ice Release, the dragon clan was weakened from a previous fight were they lost many people. So when they got into the mountain, they were in a part that they had never been to or seen before. Also inside was a secret room were it was sealed off. Of course, ninja just have to open things like that, so they did. When they got into the very large room, there were scrolls with seals everywhere. But one in particular caught everyone's eyes. But the scroll said don't open, and was also sealed by a powerful seal. It took them 5 days to open it and when they did, what ever and whoever was in the mountain were taken into another dimension.

The Dragon RealmEdit

When they got into the new dimension, the scrolls seals were broken and they could now read the things in them. One scroll said that they were not going to be able to escape this dimension until they unlock a type of Space-Time Ninjutsu. Then when they left the mountain they saw dragons everywhere. 2 years go on, and the clan had almost endless fights with the dragons, until one person changed that whole thing. Since the clan had a unique skill to inherit any organic organism they seal into themselves, a clan member defeated a dragon and sealed it inside himself.

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