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"Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Dad, Dad, Dad, I want that one, I want that toy." a very energetic kid says while pointing at a toy. "(sigh), ok, ok, I will get you the toy, just calm down son." a very non energetic father says as he walks up to the stand to buy the toy. The money used for the toy was originally going towards a bowl of soup for the father. "Boy I tell you, I had my mouth set on that soup, darn, why did you have to sit on my shoulders Aizen, if you were on the ground, maybe you wouldn't of seen the toy. But no, you being the energetic kid just had to sit on my shoulders for a so called better view. Somehow I think you saw this toy already and just got up here to make sure it was still there, the disadvantages of you being a smart child. I can already imagine."

"Raiko, here is you bowl of soup sir." Raiko thinks to himself. He then thinks about the bowl being placed in front of him. He is about to pick it up and drink it, but then his son comes and hits the table wasting the soup, that's how Raiko felt when he spent his money on the toy his son wanted. Raiko pays for the toy and passes it to Aizen, "Son, you already knew about the toy didn't you?" Raiko asks. "Umm, maybe, I saw it a few days ago, and one of my friends had it, so I went to go and see where it was, but I couldn't see it because it was too far up, so I knew that today was the day for that special soup you always get, its always 20% off. You never miss it when you are in the village. So I just came with you and sat on your shoulders to see it, when I say it I knew you would of had to buy it for me." Aizen says.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! the soup was 20% off, why did you do this, you know how much I love that soup, GRRRRRRRR!!!!!" Raiko says in frustration. Aizen laughs as he plays with his toy. As they walk along, Aizen looks around and sees his friends, he hops off of Raiko and says, "Oh there are my friends, I have to show them my new toy." He runs off to his friends and Raiko says, "Hey, be home by 7:00pm, you know you have to go to the academy tomorrow!!" "I know, I know dad." Aizen responds. He gets to his friends, he then shows the toy he got. "Wow, cool you have it too, hey now we can all go play together." One of the friends say. Another friend then says, "Hey, I know this spot outside the gates of the village, its hardly patrolled by our ninja, also we would have more fun there." The second friend says. All the friends agree and go to the location.

"Hey guys, won't we get in trouble if we get caught?" Aizen asks his friends. "Aww, Aizen stop being a baby, we will be fine, and we will be back I time before the sun sets, no need to worry." The first friend said. Aizen and his friends continue to run along, jumping from tree to tree to get to the location. "My dad said to be home by 7:00, its already 5:30, and we aren't even there yet. I hope we get their soon." The thoughts run in Aizen's mind. They get to the spot, and open area surrounded by trees, there were logs in the area too, and a few large rocks. "Ok, are y'all ready to play?" The first friend asks. All of the other friends including Aizen say yes, they all play. They play for about an hour, they have lots of fun, by the time they were done, that had to sit for a minute because they were so exhausted. "Well, that was fun." Aizen says huffing and puffing out of breath.

"Well, I guess its time to go back to the village." Aizen says as he gets up. His friends get up from where they were sitting as well, Aizen then says, "Hey I will race you all back to the village." The friends accept and they race to the village, they jump from tree to tree, ducking and dodging things. Then while jumping around, Aizen sees a shadow, it looked like a grown man standing on a tree branch, and it disappeared in an instant, but Aizen was the only one to notice it, "Hey guys, did you see that?" Aizn asks. His friends respond no, so Aizen thinks it was just his imagination.

When they get back to the village, it was 6:55, Aizen won the race with his friends, now he had to race home in 5 minutes, which was barley enough time. "See ya later guys." Aizen says to his friends as he runs off in a flash, "See ya later Aizen!!" all his friends respond. "Crap, I have like 3 minutes left, I won't make it in time, craapppppp!!!! what to do." Aizen says to himself. "Oh yeah, at the academy a few days ago, our teacher taught us how to use chakra to move faster and latch onto things. Maybe I can transfer chakra into my feet to move faster, lets see." Aizen says to himself. Aizen then slows down and channels chakra into his feet, "Ok, I think that's enough, lets see." Aizen says to himself, he then uses the chakra transferred into he feet to move faster. "Whoa, I did it, I can tell im moving way faster, this is fun, maybe now I can beat my father in a race." Aizen say to himself. He moves quick and fast, to some people he was just a blur, he was moving so fast, that he couldn't react to things in time, his reflexes didn't match the speed that he was moving. Unfortunally for him, there was a building right in front of him, and he couldn't react in time. So he crashes into the building, with a smack, then a grunt from the impact and pain. Aizen slides down the wall to the ground, and says to himself, "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! that hurt." He rolls around on the ground and gets up, crying a little. His home was right around the corner and it was 7:01, he was late.

When he goes around the corner he finds his dad standing at the door of his home looking straight at him. "Crap, he knows I'm late, aww, what is he going to do when I get there, take away my new toy, whoop me, give me a lecture, not feed me. The possibilities, of me getting in trouble are so great even though I am 1 minute late." Aizen says to himself holding his nose, looking down, walking slowly down the path to his yard. When he gets to the gate, Aizen closes it and locks it, he walks up to the steps that lead to the door, his heart is pumping, and nose is hurting, dripping blood while Aizen is holding it. When he gets to his father, his father says, "What happened to you nose?" "I was trying to get home quick, before 7:00, and I funneled chakra into my feet to move faster like a just learned at the academy. I was around the corner, when I hit that building over there, I think I broke my nose." Aizen says as he takes his hand from his nose to show his dad. "Hmm, I don't know, lets show your mom, she may know if its broken or not, its quite a bit of blood, well, come on." Raiko says. "Wait, your not mad at me for being late father?" Aizen asks in a confused manner. "Well its not like your 1 hour late, its only 7:02, and your a kid, I already knew you were going to be late, almost every kid comes home late in their life, but I'm just glad your back home, my colorful son." Raiko says smiling as he puts his head on Aizen's short blue hair. "Now come in, the food is almost ready, its a seafood platter." Raiko says licking his lips smiling." Aizen smiles and walks in.

"Hey mom, can you take a look at my nose please, its hurting reading bad." Aizen says standing in the kitchen looking at his moms green hair, waiting for her to turn around. "Ok, let me see.............. AHHHHHHHH!!!! what happened to your nose." Aizen's Mother says turning around, dropping the spoon she had in her hand to tend to her son. "At the academy I just learned how to channel...owwww... how to channel chakra into my feet to move faster. I had to be here by 7:00, so I did that, and I hit a building around the corner." Aizen explains to his mother as she looks, and tends to his nose. "Well, I'm glad you took the initiative to get here on time, that's a good trait of a kid your age, it will be good for you too keep that up. You will become a good ninja doing so, but why would you use that thing your learned to move faster when you know you can't react to the speed you are moving. Its absurd, next time don't even do that unless you can react in time to the speed that you are moving, I would rather you be late then be hurt." Kiriko says as she cleans the blood and uses one of her techniques to heal Aizen's nose. "Hmm, you know your really a colorful child, you have blue hair, green eyes, a white and black wrist band, and your bleeding. I laugh at the irony of your colors." Kiriko says as she puts a bandage over his nose and kisses it. "Aww, mom, you didn't have to kiss my nose, I'm not that much of a baby you know." Aizen complains to the embarrassment of his mom kissing his nose in front of his father. "Ohh hush, go wash up, the food is almost ready." Kiriko says standing up and tending back to the food. Aizen goes to the restroom and cleans himself back up.

After washing himself up, he gets called into the kitchen for dinner; Fish, crab, shrimp, octopus, oysters, crawfish, almost every type of edible sea creature was on the table. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! So much good looking food." Raiko and Aizen say with their eyes wide open, mouth just about opened up all the way to the floor, and drool coming from the side of their mouth ready to eat. "Boy I tell you, these 2 are monsters, I wonder what they would do without my cooking." Kiriko says as she sits on the couch to rest after cooking all that food. She takes a deep breath and sinks into the couch, while doing that food starts flying from Raiko and Aizen eating like savages. "I know one thing, yall better leave some food for me too, and a good portion." Kiriko says as leaves start to float from where she was sitting. The boys look up and become terrified at the threat Kiriko just gave. "Hey dad, I think we should stop eating now, we might end up eating all that food if we don't." Aizen says to Raiko. "Yeah I think you right Aizen." Raiko says as he swallows his food, you could here the gulp when the food went down. The boys just froze, the then get up from their seats eyes widen, still in a squatting position, and tip-toe over to their rooms very slowly both with a plate of food.


In his room Aizen chows down on the plate of food he took while looking out of the window at the village at night, something just couldn't shake his mind, that shadow he saw earlier. Even though his friends didn't see it, he still thinks that it was something up with that shadow. "Aizen, its time for bed." Raiko says to Aizen. Aizen closes the blinds on his widow and leaps in the bed, Raiko comes in and says, "Well, seems like your already in bed, do you have your shuriken and kunai ready for tomorrow, I talked to your teacher, he said he was going to teach you all how to wield shuriken and kunai." "Yes father I do, they are sitting over there by my bag." Aizen tells Raiko. Raiko looks at the where he son pointed to and sees that his shuriken and kunai were there. "Ok, well, have a good sleep, see ya tomorrow." Raiko say as he walks out of the room. Aizen then drifts off to sleep.

In the morning, Raiko walks into Aizen's room and looks at his position in the bed. The cover was only covering one of his legs, he was sideways on the bed with his head nearly hanging off the edge of the bed. Then his other leg was propped against the wall, and his arms were spread out. "Wow, he is a horrible sleeper, just like me, ahhh, my son, anyway Aizen, wake up." Raiko says. Aizen wakes up and falls out of the bed, "Oww, dad, what time is it?" Aizen asks "6:00, get up, I want to do something." Raiko tells Aizen. "I don't have to be at the academy until 8:30, why did you wake me up so early, I want to go back to bed." Aizen says as he rolls over on the floor about to go back to sleep. "(sigh) I guess you don't want to go with me to practice wielding shuriken and kunai, and I thought you were eager to learn it." Raiko say, when he opens his eyes, Aizen was already in the restroom, and by the time Raiko sat on the couch, Aizen was standing in the living room ready to go. "Aren't you forgetting something?" Raiko tells Aizen. "Umm, ohhhhhhhh my pouch with all my shuriken and kunai, arrgggg, how could I forget that." Aizen says running into his room to get his pouch. "Ok dad, I am ready to go now." Aizen says while attaching his pouch to his waist.

They go to the training area and pick a spot with a stump in the middle, and boulders around it. "Ok so, first you have to know how to hold a kunai, grab the kunai either by the circular part at the end, or by the space between the blade, and circular part. You mostly put your finger around the circular part in order to throw it, or attack something to it. Also when you take your kunai out of your pouch, you usually take it out by the circular end. Are you still with me Aizen?" Raiko explains and checks. "Yeah dad, I'm still with you, can I try before you move on?" Aizen asks. Raiko replies yes, and Aizen pulls out his kunai by the circular part, he then starts to spin it with his finger and then catches it after 5 minutes and a little bit more of Raiko's guidance. "Seems like your getting the hand of it quickly." Raiko says

"Now, the space between the blade and circular part can be used for a few things as well, but one of the main ways is close combat fighting, things like blocking attacks, and giving out attacks. Its basically like a shorter sword." Raiko explains. "Now I want you to throw the kunai at the target point on the log, try to get a bull's-eye, and remember, you have to calculate the distance, wind direction and speed, like this." Raiko the demonstrates by throwing his kunai at the target without even barely looking at the target, and hits it dead on the mark. "I know it seems easy because I make it seem easy, but its harder than you expect, now try." Raiko tells Aizen. Aizen looks at the target, and feels the wind, he waits for about 10 seconds then throws the kunai towards the target. He was way off, the kunai hits the side of the tree and goes into the ground. "Aww man, I missed, I was way off." Aizen complains. "Good job son, for your first time you at least managed to hit the tree, when I first tried, I hit my teacher standing next to the target, and even then I still grazed him." Raiko says smiling at Aizen. "Try again and again, here." Raiko pulls out a scroll and weaves the release hand sign, about 50 kunai then come out of the scroll in a group. "When you hit the target or get close to hitting the target, then let me know, its now 6:30, you have 2 hours to get this down, and if we have enough time we can move to shuriken. Then if you get shuriken and kunai down, we will go for ice cream or something of your choosing, then if you get to the lesson that I had planned after shuriken and kunai, I will get you a new toy ok." The joy in Aizen's face was priceless to Raiko as Aizen rapidly grabs a kunai and throws it at the target, missing it, and grazing the tree but he keeps on trying.

By 7:15, Aizen mad progress, he was hitting the tree and getting closer to the target. Raiko would tell him to transition hands and fingers so he would get even better at wielding and throwing kunai. Raiko closes his eyes and was about to drift off to sleep, but 20 minutes later, Aizen wakes Raiko up in excitement, "Hey, dad, dad, dad, dad!!!! I hit the target, I hit the target, I hit the target!!!" Raiko looks at the tree and sees that Aizen hit the target, "Ok, demonstrate it to me, I want to see." Raiko says as he sits up and wipes his eyes. Aizen runs to the tree and grabs two kunai, Raiko notices all the kunai in and around the tree, and also the marks around the tree from the kunai hitting the spots. "Ok dad, look, I am going to do it with both hands, though my right is kind of better." Aizen says, he then throws the kunai with his left hand first hitting only inches away from the bull's-eye, then with his right her throws it, it moves faster and hits the target dead on. "Well, would you look at there, you got the kunai part down, here lets gather all the kunai so I can seal them back up, you can keep a few." Raiko says as they collet the kunai, Raiko seals them up and brings out a scroll with kunai and releases them.

"Now to shuriken, shuriken are mainly used for short to mid range combat, you see people use it more than kunai, but a kunai can block shuriken when you are holding the kunai. Anyway, to hold a kunai, you hold it by the open circle in the middle of it. Shuriken are much smaller then kunai, so they are also much lighter, which means you have to calculate how you throw shuriken. Then when you get on finger down, you will be able to throw about 3 shuriken at the same time, you could of also did this with your kunai as well, but try with your shuriken first. Don't forget to transition your fingers and hand, and when you hit the target let me know." Raiko says as he lays back down, "Wait, aren't you going to show me?" Aizen asks his father. "Oh yeah sorry, here look." Raiko says as he takes out a shuriken and throws it at the target hitting it dead on, then he puts multiple shuriken in his and throws them hitting the target. "And that's how you do it, now tell me when you get it, you have about 30 minutes left before we have to go." Raiko says.

When Aizen throws his first shuriken, he was so used to throwing kunai that he hit about 12 inches away from the target. "Wow, I'm getting good, throwing my shuriken, I almost hit the target at the first throw. Dad is right, its more difficult than I thought, but I can do it in 20 minutes." Aizen says to him self as he continues to throw his shuriken, he transitions from both hands and fingers. In about 20 minutes, Raiko opens his eyes just to check on Aizen's progress, and when he does, Aizen was in the process of throwing multiple shuriken from both hands into the target, though a little off, and not lined up like his father, it was good enough. "Dad, I did it!!!!! Its time for that ice cream." Aizen screams. "Good job, your moving along nicely." Raiko says. "Do you want to learn the lesson I had for you after you completed Shuriken and Kunai?" Raiko asks. "Of course what is it?"

Raiko takes a kunai out and funnels chakra into it, "Now, I will teach you how to funnel chakra into one of your weapons to make them more effective, though I don't know if we have enough time." Raiko says. "No we do, we can do this for 5 minutes then on the way to the academy I can practice it." Aizen says as he pulls out a kunai. "Ehh, ok, so you already have some pretty good chakra control, they way you transfer chakra to your feet to move faster, you can do the same to the weapon your holding, its the same concept, and this is what you get out of it." Raiko says as he throws the kunai into the tree with chakra infused into it. The kunai goes through the tree and into the ground behind it. "See, now you try." Raiko says to Aizen. Using both hands, Aizen tries to funnel chakra into his kunai and does it, but the chakra flickers out after a few seconds. "It will take a few tries before you will be able to do it, come on lets head to the academy, you can practice on the way." Raiko says as he puts all the shuriken back into the scroll and starts to walk with his son to the academy.

Two New Friends, and Two RivalsEdit

As Aizen and Raiko walks to the academy, Aizen keeps on trying to infuse his chakra into the kunai, but fails multiple times. "Not saying you can't do it but, maybe you should stop before you run out of chakra, you don't have that much at your age you know." Raiko tells Aizen. "No, I going to keep on going until I get to the academy." Aizen replies. As they keep on walking, Aizen looks to the side and sees the shadow of that man he saw in the forest last night. Aizen looks at it, blinks, then looks again and it was gone. "Ok, that's the second time I saw that shadow, something is up, and I know I'm not just seeing things." Aizen says to himself. "Well, we are here Aizen. "Raiko says as he stops in front of the path that headed to the academy, kids were playing in the front, laughing, jumping, running, and other parents dropping their kids off. "Well son, I will see you later, be home by 7:00, and try not to run into any buildings on your way here ok." Raiko says smiling, rubbing on his sons head.

Then someone comes around the corner, a familiar face, it was Hayao with his cousin who now lived with him and was also an academy student, Eren. Eren looks at Aizen and Aizen looks at Eren, Aizen says, "Eren!" in a frustrated tone, and Eren says, "Aizen!" also n a frustrated tone. They both walk over to each other and bump foreheads with their teeth grinding together as if they were ready to go at each other right then and there. "Well Hayao, seems like our boys already have a feud going on." Raiko says, "Yeah it does seem that way, well, boys will be boys." Hayao says. "Well I'm off Aizen." Raiko says as he disappears, "Yeah me too Eren." Hayao says as he also disappears. Then another classmate comes around the corner, "Hey why do you two always have to fight, chill out sometimes man." a young Mutsuo says with his arms behind his head. "SHUT UP MUTSUO!!" Aizen and Eren scream at Mutsuo. "Ok, if yall keep on doing this in the class, you know how the teacher will get." Mutsuo says. "By the way, why did you have your Kunai out Aizen?" Eren asks as he takes his forehead off of Aizen's and steps back folding his arms. "Oh, I was practicing infusing chakra into my kunai." Aizen responds. "Really? I have been doing the same thing, though I can't do it yet because of lack of chakra and chakra control" Mutsuo says. "Yeah me too." Eren says. "Well, I better keep practicing, because I will get this down in no time." Aizen says. The bell then rings and the 3 boys run into the school to their class.


"Now today we will be learning how to handle and throw shuriken and kunai, but first we have to learn the math to it." the teacher says to his class as it went form "OOOOO's" to "Awwwwww crap." from the class. The teacher laughs and starts to explain. "Now using prior knowledge from math and science, if a kunai was thrown t a trajectory of .2243 feet ........." Mutsuo starts to tune out what the teacher was saying and looks out the window, noticing a shadow of a man. "There that shadow is again, I know I'm not crazy, that the second time I have seen that shadow." Mutsuo thinks as he goes back to when he first saw the mysterious shadow a few days ago....

"(Wind blowing and whistling, trees and other things blowing against the wind, birds chirping.)" "Ahh, this nature, is just so mesmerizing, I don't think I would ever want to leave this village, the nature is just endless here." As Mutsuo walks along, he picks an opening in a patch of trees and lays down there and looks at the sky for a few hours. Then he hears a voice in the distance say, "Hey kid, hey." the voice says. "Huh, Who's there?" Mutsuo asks. "Hi, I'm Kenzo Hyuga." Kenzo says as he stands over Mutsuo. "I just thought I would come and talk to some of out future ninja of the village, I see you all the time laying right there when I pass by to go get herbs for the hospital, so today I decided to talk to you." Kenzo says. "Wow, your tall." Mutsuo says astonished. "Yeah I know, I'm probably one of the tallest ninja and Hyuga you will ever meet but, whats on your mind?" Kenzo asks. "Oh, nothing I just come out here and enjoy nature, I want to train for my Shuriken jutsu practice coming up in a few days, but I don't have anyone to teach me, my mom and dad are on a mission for a few days." Mutsuo says.

"I will teach you, I am on vacation from doing missions, if you want me to I can teach you how to control your chakra, it will be a little intense for you, but you can handle it, after this, I am sure you will be the top of the class." Kenzo says. "No, I always get third place because there are 2 other people ahead of me." Mutsuo replies. "Who might those two be?" Kenzo asks. "One's name is Aizen Ishida and the other name is Eren, they are good friends, but I kind of want to pass them up." Mutsuo says. "Well, I see why they are up there with you, Eren is the cousin of Hayao and Aizen is the son of Raiko and Kiriko, I won't be surprised if y'all graduate being either tied or the top three, but they relatives are very skilled, so from now on I will be your little trainer until you become a Chunin, even then I will still train and lecture you." Kenzo tells Mutsuo. Kenzo and Mutsuo go and train in shurikenjutsu, it took Mutsuo about two hours to do it, but he got shuriken and kunai down. "That was some good training Kenzo, thanks. What's the next lesson?" Mutsuo says. "The next lesson is infusing chakra into your shuriken or kunai like this." Kenzo shows and tells him what to do, "But, sorry I have to go back to my home, its getting late, you should go home too, practice it on your way home." Kenzo says as he takes off.

As Mutsuo is walking home practicing infusing chakra into his kunai, he notices the area he was in, he looks over where he was laying at earlier in the clearing. He notices someone, a man, but when he tries to get a closer look, a tree got in the way, he ran to pass the tree. Then when he gets around it, no one was there, so being a child, he thought it was his imagination running wild. When he gets home he sees that the light was on which signals that his parents were home, when he gets in he runs to hug his mom and dad and tell them welcome back. "Why do you have a kunai?" Mutsuo's father asks, "Oh, I met this tall man, a Hyuga, I think his name was Kenzo Hyuga." Mutsuo says as he tries to remember his name, not realizing he had it right. "Oh Kenzo, he is a good person, what did he do that required you to have a kunai?" Mutsuo's mother asks. "Oh, yeah, at the academy we are going to practice shurikenjutsu, so I wanted to get a head start, I got the throwing part down, now I'm just trying to learn how to infuse chakra into my kunai." Mutsuo says as he strains trying to do it. "Well, you can try tomorrow, you have to be at the academy, so wash up for dinner and after dinner go to bed." Mutsuo's father tells Mutsuo.

After dinner, Mutsuo goes to bed, but one thing couldn't get out of his mind, that person he saw earlier, he flushes the thought out of his mind and goes to bed. He wakes up to find a note on his door that says his parents had to leave on another mission. "Aww man they had to go on another mission." Mutsuo complains. Mutsuo gets ready and goes to the academy, he practices infusing chakra into his kunai again, but only getting a flicker for a few seconds. "Still at it I see, good to know your still trying." Kenzo says as he comes up on the side of Mutsuo. "Oh hey urrr.... Kenzo, where are you going?" Mutsuo asks. "Well I am a medical ninja, so I am on my way to the hospital, I take it your on your way to the academy, I will walk with you to the path that heads to the academy, but I kind of have to be at the hospital urgently so I'm afraid I will have to part at the path." Kenzo tells Mutsuo. "Ok, that's fine, my parents had to go on another mission, just after they got back from one, I don't know why, I wanted one of them to walk me to the academy." Mutsuo says pouting. "Well, I think I know which mission they went on, it pays a lot, and your parents skill sets were perfect for it." Kenzo explains. "Oh, I guess. But hey Kenzo, I haven't told my parents, but I saw someone at the spot you found me at last night, when I tried getting a closer look a tree got in the way, and when I passed the tree, the person was gone. Even if it was someone who didn't want to be seen, I would of seen them leave the area, but I didn't." Mutsuo says. "That's strange, maybe it was a mythical spirit that was out to get you." Kenzo says in a scary voice. "Ahh, don't scare me like that." Mutsuo says, "Ohh I was just kidding." Kenzo says as they walk along.

As they continue to walk, Mutsuo notices something on Kenzo's leg and asks, "Hey Kenzo sensei, what is that on your leg?" "Starting to call me sensei now I see, but that is a brace that I have to wear for a year do to a fight I had with an Uchiha. He broke my leg literally in half, almost costing my leg, but I broke his hand." Kenzo tells Mutsuo. "Wow, so does it still hurt?" Mutsuo asks "Yeah sometimes a little sometimes a lot, but its manageable especially with me being a medical ninja, trust me, that won't interfere with me training you." Kenzo says. They then get into the intersection where they are suppose to split, "Well, thank you for walking me Kenzo sensei." Mutsuo says. "Yeah no problem kido." Kenzo says as he then disappears. Mutsuo then walks to the academy, then he is broken out of his little daydream when his teacher says, "Mutsuo, Mutsuo! Answer the question." The teacher says. Mutsuo looks at the problem on the board for about 7 seconds then he answers, "You have to throw the kunai at a speed of 50 mph to withstand the wind speed, and throw it an angle of 22 degrees so when the kunai looses velocity the wind will carry it to the target you are trying to hit." "Good job, got the answer correct as usual." The teacher says as he continues teaching the class, when Mutsup looks back outside, the shadow wasn't there.


'"Hmm, he thinks he is so smart, well he did figure it out in 7 seconds, but I can beat that, besides, just because he knows it doesn't mean he can execute it. Hm, just wait until we go to practice the shuriken and kunai throwing, I know I got more training then Aizen and Mutsuo." Eren says to himself as he thinks back to the training he got from his cousin.

"You know your not going to catch me at that speed your going little cousin." Hayao says. "Grrrrr, just wait until I get faster, I will be able to catch you in no time, just you wait and see cousin, I won't be out done in speed by you, they only reason why you are so fast is because of your Kekkei Genkai, and I thought you said you wouldn't use your kekkei genkai, you lousy cheater." Eren complains as he sticks his tongue at Hayao with his eyes close, not even taking to the fact that they were running around in trees, and he was about to run into a tree branch. "I would open your eyes." Hayao says to Eren. When Eren opens his eyes, he hits his fore head on a tree branch stopping him in his tracks, he then falls to the ground but not before Hayao catches him using his speed. "See, I told you." Hayao says as he puts him down on the ground. "Shut up you cheater." Eren says to Hayao. Hayao laughs and says, "I brought you out here to teach you shurikenjutsu, I overheard from a kid at a diner, so decided that I would go ahead and start teaching you Shurikenjutsu so you can be ahead of the class, and possible graduate before a lot of them." Hayao tells Eren.

"Psst, I can do this my self." Eren says as he reaches into his pouch to pull out a kunai cutting himself in the process, "OWWWWWWW!!!!!" Eren screams. "See, I told you." Hayao says, "SHUT UP!" Eren screams back. After putting bandages around his finger, Hayao then teaches Eren how to wield, and throw shuriken and kunai. It took Eren about 2 hours to do it, but he managed to get it down, "Now, to teach you something that will make you more stronger then any of your class mates, Look." Hayao says as he funnels chakra into his kunai and throws it at the tree. He makes the kunai go through the tree, "HOW DID YOU DO THAT." Eren says as he then tries it himself, but to no avail he gets frustrated and tries even more to do it. He did this for about an hour, and all his kunai could do is flicker in chakra for about 4 seconds. "Hey, 4 seconds, not to bad!." Hayao says to Eren. "NO!! Four seconds isn't enough, I must make it go through the tree and maybe even the next tree and still stay lit with chakra." Eren says with determination in his eye. "I understand your determined to do it, but you don't have that much chakra, you'll run out soon, you need to take a break." Hayao insists to Eren. "No, won't stop until......." Eren passes out from using up too much chakra trying to infuse chakra into his kunai. "(Sigh), what did I tell you." Hayao says as he gets up from the place he was sitting and picks up Eren, taking him back home. Eren then looks up a little bit while they were leaving the training spot, and he sees a shadow of a man, then Eren closes his eyes, passing back out.

Eren wakes up in the morning bright and early, even though it was 7:30 which is an hour and a half past the original time he wakes up. Eren runs into the kitchen and sees Hayao was cooking, "Oh no, no, no, no, no, YOUR COOKING???" Eren says dumbfounded. "Why yes, you know you like my cooking Eren." Hayao says smiling, "Eww, no, your cooking is horrible, I see why I woke up, because your burning something, I will just go to the restaurant up the street." Eren says as he takes a quick shower and runs out the door. He doesn't go to the restaurant, instead he goes to the training grounds to go and trains with funneling chakra into his kunai and throwing it. After about 20 minutes, he rushes to the academy so he wouldn't be late, he runs into Hayao's leg on the way there, Hayao says, "I thought you were going to the diner, the diner is that way and your coming from that way." Hayao points, "You were at the training grounds practicing weren't you?" Hayao asks. "Yes I was, but I just had to go back and train, I want to be the best cousin." Eren says. "I understand, now go to the academy before your late." Hayao replies. Eren goes running alongs and makes it to the academy right as Aizen was. Then, Eren is woken out of his daydream, by his teacher.

"Eren, what is the answer to this problem?" the teacher asks. Eren looks at the problem and says, "Errr, well you don't have enough information, and with the information you did get, I guess the answer would be that if we are caught in the predicament, then under save your life rules you run, but unlike me I would stay and fight." Eren answers. "Good, Eren, smart just like Mutsuo and Aizen. Ok Class, lets go outside to practice shuriken throwing and handling." the teacher says as all the children except Eren, Mutsuo, and Aizen stay, all of them looking out of the window, and to their avail, the shadow was there, all of them could see it. "Hey, you three come on, lets see if your smarts translate to the real thing." Their teacher says not knowing that Eren, Mutsuo, and Aizen already know how to handle and throw shuriken and kunai. The three boys get up and look back outside, but the shadow wasn't there."

Shurikenjutsu TrainingEdit

Outside, there were kids all lined up to try their shurikenjutsu wielding and throwing, while Eren, Mutsuo, and Aizen were talking to each other, "You guys saw that shadow too huh?" Mutsuo says. "Yeah, that's my second time." Aizen says. "Yeah me too, I saw it just last night." Eren says. "It seems we all have connections with this shadow, I don't know what it wants, but we should stay vigilant." Mutsuo says. "Hey you boys, come on, I want to see if you all's smarts can execute the actual thing." The teacher says to Eren, Mutsuo, and Aizen. The three go running over there and behold they were up first. "So, to hold a shuriken and kunai, first" The teacher looks at Eren, Mutsuo, and Aizen, they already had their shurikens out ready to throw them. "Well, it seems y'all already know what to do, so on this stump, I want you all to get your shuriken in a straight line from top to bottom. Ok, ready, GO!" The teacher says as Eren, Mutsu, and Aizen threw their shuriken at their stumps, each of them hitting their stumps just about perfect. "Well, would you look at their, think that you three may be ready for the graduation test, but try Kunai next." the teacher says as Eren, Mutsuo, and Aizen take out a kunai.

"I will beat you Mutsuo and you too Aizen, I will just go a head and throw this Kunai with chakra infused into it, I will take the teachings of my cousin and beat Eren and Mutsuo, I will be ....." Eren's thinks to himself.

"I can already tell that Eren and Aizen will be competing to try and be number one, but what they don't realize is that I have been practicing infusing chakra into my Kunai, I will beat the both of them, I can do this, and when I do, I will tell Kenzo sensei. I will be ......" Mutsuo's things to humself.

"I can tell the look in Eren's eyes, he is determined to beat me in this test, well, I'm sure that he has been training, you don't get that good throwing shuriken in a blink of an eye like that, his line up was perfect, and so was Mutsuo's as well. But, I will make my dad proud here, I will be....."

Simultaneously in their head, they all says, "I will be Number One!!" Their teacher then says, "Throw!" Eren, Mutsuo, and Aizen throw their kunai, all their kunai were infused with chakra and were barreling towards the stumps at tremendous speed, their kunai go through their tree stumps, and through the fence behind it, they kunai all land in one spot, equal to each other. The other academy students were amazed, and so was the teacher, some of the students didn't even see the Kunai being thrown because they were thrown so fast, some had different opinions about Eren, Mutsuo, and Aizen. The teacher then tells them, "Eren, Mutsuo, Aizen, you three are tremendous boys, after looking at this display, I will say that, you three are equal." the teacher says. The three boys smile and go sit by a tree to watch the other students.

After class was done, the teacher meets with Eren, Mutsuo, and Aizen, he tells them, "You three are tremendous boys, the skills you all just demonstrated are proof of that, that's why, starting tomorrow, you three will be in the advanced classes, which means that instead of spending like a whole day or 2 on one subject for you guys, we will only spend a few hours on a subject. Tomorrow will be a lesson on clone techniques, then taijutsu, in the taijutsu lesson you will fight each other. Then if you 3 make it to it, I will teach y'all nature transformations and ninjutsu to see what nature you all possible have. Then there will be genjutsu, then a few other things. After you three have completed all of this stuff, I will give you your graduation exam. Got it." The teacher says to Eren, Mutsuo, and Aizen. "Got it!" the three boys say as they then run off.

Contact with the ShadowEdit

"I wonder what my nature is." Aizen says while walking with Eren and Mutsuo. "I think my nature is Lightning Release, hmm, watch me I will be faster than my cousin." Eren says smiling. "I think my might be wind, I love the wind for some reason." Mutsuo says. As the boys walk along they decide to go to this restaurant to eat, nothing special, just a BBQ restaurant. "Ohhh, BBQ, who's buying?" Eren asks. "We are going to put our money together to buy our food Eren, we don't have enough at the moment for just one of us to by all of our food, its kind of common sense." Mutsuo says. "Oh, hush, your just being stuck up because you figured out a question in 7 seconds." Eren says back. "No, its just common sense." Mutsuo says. Then out of the restaurant they hear the chef say, "HEY GOT BACK HERE WITH MY RIB PLATTER YOU STUPID MONKEY!!" The monkey runs out the store with a rack of ribs in its hand. The chef trips over himself and the monkey runs on a roof, where a guy was standing; The monkey hops on the dudes shoulder and gives the ribs to him, but taking about 3 for its self. The chef looks up and says, "WAKUUUUUUUU!!!! I guess your going to pay for that later." "Eh, maybe, depends on if I have enough money, or if I just feel like it." Waku says as he eats a rib.

The three boys didn't like what just happened, so they all grab a kunai from their pouch and throw it at Waku with a little chakra infused into each of the kunai. Waku who was aware of what was going on, grabs the rack of ribs, and maneuvers the ribs into a position where the kuani cut the ribs to the point where he could just eat them. "Hey, thank you for cutting my ribs for me, now I don't have to go through the trouble of doing that." Waku says. "Hey give the man his money!" Aizen screams. "Yeah, its not right to just steal stuff." Eren says. "And your a Jonin, you should be setting a better example for kids like us." Mutsuo says. "Oh all right, let me give him his money before you all call your fathers and cousins over here and stuff." Waku says as he throws a pouch of coins at the chef and leaves.

"That guy was a jerk." Eren says "Yeah he was." Aizen and Mutsuo responds. They then go into the BBQ shack to eat, they eat their food and pay the chef. As they are walking out of the shack down the path, Eren had an idea. "Hey, we should go into the forest, I heard that there is this very big tree that no one our age has be able to climb. Us 3 can probably do it I bet." Eren says. "Umm, I don't know my dad said to be home by 7:30 today and its already about 5 o'clock. I don't know if I could make it to the area and come back home by 7:30." Aizen says. "Not unless we enhance our speed with chakra all the way to the tree, and all the way back." Mutsuo says.

"Ok I guess." Aizen responds as they move of, dashing towards the forest, when they get in the forest, not even 30 seconds after they entered the forest Eren says, "Hey, we should race to the tree." He insists. Being kids, Mutsuo and Aizen couldn't resist that offer and they all race to the tree, using their chakra to move fast. They would be ducking and dodging tree limbs, and they were having a blast, this was increasing their chakra level, chakra control, reflexes, and speed. But at the time, they didn't care, they were having fun racing each other to the tree. Aizen was in front, beating all of them, until Mutsuo passes Aizen up by pushing him aside. "Hey that's cheating." Aizen said. Then Eren passes both of them up and keeps on going. He gets to the tree before all three of them. "Ha, I beat both of y'all, but here we are." Eren says.

As they stare at the tree, they see the magnitude of how tall and big it is. "Whoa, I didn't think the tree was that big." Mutsuo says looking up. "I see why kids our age can climb this tree." Aizen says. "Well, see you guys at the top." Eren says as he dashes to the trunk of the tree, jumping on the tree with his feet infused with chakra. He makes it about 10 feet up the tree then falls of, but recovers and lands safely on the ground. "Well, I just set the bar." Eren says. Then all three boys dash up the tree, passing the to foot mark and going higher, they then rest on a tree branch that was about 25 feet high. "How tall is this tree Eren?" Aizen asks. "Umm lets see, we are about 25 feet high....... about 220 feet tall." Eren says. "Well then we have a long way to go." Mutsuo says. The boys get up and start climbing the tree again, after nearly an hour they make it to the top of the tree, to show other kids they did, they engraved their names on the branches at the top to show that they did it.

"Well now, all we need to do is get back down." Aizen says. The three boys jump off the tree and glide down, landing fine. They land at the base of the tree and rest a little. "Ok, we have exactly an hour and thirty minute to get back to the village, we can rest here for a while then go." Eren says. Then something behind the tree says, "Well, thank you boys, you have unsealed the seal." The voice says. The three boys quickly get up a move from the tree and look at it. "Did that tree just talk?" Eren says. "Trees can't talk dummy." Mutsuo says. "Who's there?" Aizen asks. "Who's here oh, just you threes' new vessel." The shadow says as it goes through the tree towards the boys. "OHHHHHHHH SHIT AHHHHHH!!!" All three boys scream as they run, using what bit of chakra they had to run faster, but the shadow just catches them. He then catches and holds Mutsuo and Eren, "What Are you doing you piece of crap!" Aizen says in frustration as he throws a chakra infused kunai at the shadow, but to no avail. "Hm, seems like the boy with the golden hair has Lightning Release, and the boy with the white hair has Wind Release, I know what I will do with them." the shadow says as he then starts to inset something into them, it looked like chakra to Aizen. "What are you doing......." Aizen was then cut of as the shadow gets behind them. "Those two, I gave them my Yang Release it will replace their original nature for a while, and I gave them my contentiousness. But you boy, ohh you are extraordinary, when you threw your kunai I could feel the Yin Release chakra you had, and I have Yin Release." The shadow says. The shadow then enters Aizen's body giving him more Yin Release chakra nature and his contentiousness. The three boys lay passed out on the ground by the tree,

Then, Aizen is woken up by Mutsuo and Eren, "Ehhh, what happened?" Aizen asked as he gets up really slowly. "I don't know, the only thing I remember is that I was getting held up by that shadow, and it felt like something was flowing inside of me and I passed out I think." Mutsuo says. "Yeah I had the same sensation." Eren says. "The same thing happened to me as well." Aizen says. "I'm inside your bodies, and I gave you all a nature." The shadow says. "My name is Yoru, I was born sometime around the First Hokage's time, so I am old, I don't want to go through how I became a spirit." Yoru says. "I needed a vessel so I could see the world how it is now, so I went into you three, and I gave you all favors by giving you chakra natures. I will talk back when you all need me." Yoru says as he says nothing else. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a freaking spirit inside of me get it out." Eren screams as he opens his mouth and acts like he tries to pull the spirit out. "I don't think you can get him out." Mutsuo says. "Shit, who knows how long we have been passed out, I might be late, I got to go." Aizen says as he dashes off, faster then what his speed was before the shadow, the same thing happened to Eren and Mutsuo. "Wow, he really gave us a little extra chakra as well, I have never moved this fast." Aizen says. "Yeah I know." Mutsuo says. When Aizen and Mutsuo look up, Eren is already a meter away from them.

"When did you get that fast?" Aizen asks Eren. "Never, I already like this dude." Eren says as he moves even more faster. When they get into the village it was ten minutes before it was time for all of them to get home, they rushed home and got there in time. "I'm home, mom, dad!!" Aizen yells out. "No one is here." Yoru says, "Huh.....How can you tell?" Aizen asks. "Well, its one of my techniques that I created, its called Spiritual Sensing Technique, you ca since a person's spiritual energy using this technique." Yoru says. "Oh, that seems like a pretty nifty technique." Aizen says. Yoru stays silent and Aizen goes into the kitchen where he finds the note left by his mother and father. Aizen just goes to sleep it was a long day. Mutsuo and Eren also clock in for the night.

Advance ClassesEdit


"Alright class, welcome to advance placement, your all here because in your regular classes, you all have exceeded expectations. In this class we will cover many things in a short amount of time, you may get the things we cover here in class, or when you practice at home. By the time you all are done with this class, you will be at the level of a 1 year chunin." The teacher says. Aizen looks around and notices how many kids were in the class, himself, Eren, Mutsuo, and about 12 other kids. Eren and Mutsuo did the same thing, Mutsuo then leans over to Eren and whispers, "Looks like there will be 5 Jonin sensei, there are 15 of us, 3 for 1 jonin, so that means 5 new squads in probably 1 week." "Yeah I noticed that too." Eren says. "Yeah me too." Aizen says. "You three!!!, what are y'all whispering about?" The teacher asks. "Well we were analyzing the classroom and the number of students here." Aizen says. "Yeah and there is 15 students including us." Eren says. "So that means 5 new squads, and I also noticed how you assigned us to specific seating, maybe a hint to who will be in the squad together once we all graduate." Mutsuo says. "Hmm, nice observation Aizen, Eren, and especially you Mutsuo. You are very correct, the 2 other people in your section will be in your squad when you graduate, if you graduate. Well lets get started." The teacher says as he turns around to the chalk board.

"Clone Techniques, clone techniques are techniques that creates a copy of a user or object, they are very effective if you know how to use them to the fullest potential. There are many forms of clone techniques, the most known clone technique is the Shadow Clone Technique created by Tobirama Senju, the second Hokage. Many villages and people know this technique, and using this technique they created diverted techniques from the Shadow Clone Technique. I'm not going to even bother teaching you all the regular Clone Technique, you all will most likely get it when I teach you the hand signs so I will teach you all the Shadow Clone Technique." The teacher explains, then commotion starts and a student blurts out, "But sensei, that is a B-Rank technique, some Jonin can't even master this technique let alone us Academy Students." "I didn't say this class would be easy, under you desk is a scroll that contains the instructions of how to do this technique, when your ready, just come to the front of the class and do it. I will demonstrate it first though." The teacher then stands in the middle of the class and explains a little, "First, you weave the clone seal, then funnel your chakra evenly and.... Shadow Clone Jutsu!!" A clone of the teacher was made. The clone and the teacher then say together, "Thats how you do it." The clone disperses and the teacher goes to his seat. "Ok you all try now, read the scroll first."

Mutsuo, Eren and Aizen were at the front of the class by the time the teacher sat down, they read the contents of the scroll while the teacher was talking. Commotion the starts up, they could here other students saying, "They must be crazy......They'er too cocky.....They won't be able to do it......Idiots......I think they hit their heads on the way in.....Only Naruto could do it and he had Kurama psst they won't do it." "Well, well, I want to see if you all can do this, this should be some type of enjoyment, I think you three maybe able to do it, or you will just fail which I am hoping you all do to make a fool out of your selves." Yoru says in the boys contentious . The boys then weave the clone seal and say together, "Shadow Clone Jutsu." Creating an exact clone of themselves each of them. "I think you can move us on to the next lesson sensei." Aizen says turning around, the whole class was amazed, speechless to what just happened. "Ohh, you three did it, well damn, I wanted you all the fail miserably." Yoru says. The teacher then gets up and makes a shadow clone and the clone tells the boys to follow him outside. The boys comply and leave the classroom where everyone was still speechless.

Outside the clone of the teacher tells them what they were about to do next, "Taijutsu, taijutsu is a very essential part of a ninja, every ninja has had some type of taijutsu training whether they are bad or good at it. Taijutsu can mean life or death sometimes in some situations, this is why we train you this early. Now pick a number between 1 and 20, whoever pick the number closest to mine will sit out and face the winner of the other 2." Aizen picks 4, Mutsuo picks 10, and Eren pick 20, Eren wins the little pick, so he sits out and watches Mutsuo and Aizen fight each other. "Well, this should be a pretty good match." Yoru says. "Now, make the Seal of Confrontation and fight, and don't try to hurt each other." Their teacher says. Aizen and Mutsuo make the Seal of Confrontation and both back up.

Mutsuo comes out first with a right hook aimed for Aizen's face, Aizen reacts to the hook by leaning back. When he leans back, Aizen leans all the way back until he has to make his legs come up, he arches his back and makes his head go towards his legs. To stop from hitting the ground or do a hand stand, he puts his arms into a position so he can spring back up. Aizen's legs goes up to hit Mutsuo in the chest, with Mutsuo's momentum from the hook, he would have trouble countering or dodging Aizens counter. Mutsuo is hit in the chest and is sent flying back, but he recovers and so does Aizen. Mutsuo then rushes Aizen again with a left hook followed by a right hook, Aizen sways to the side of the hooks and leaps back into a nearby tree. Aizen the takes the offensive and does a front flip off the tree and goes for an ax kick. Mutsuo crosses his arms and blocks the kick, in his head he says, "Man, Aizen is good, this kick hurts and is strong." Mutsuo pushes off which sends Aizen flying into a back flip. Mutsuo looks at the trajectory and direction of Aizen and funnels chakra into his feet for extra jump. Mutsuo jumps and goes for a flying knee, when Aizen was about to recover from his flip, he would catch a knee to the forehead. Luckily for Aizen, there was a tree branch in his direction, so mid flip he springs off the tree branch and avoids Mutsuo's attack.

Mutsuo's knee goes straight through the tree branch, he meets back up with Aizen to start another confrontation. Mutsuo runs towards Aizen and goes for a kick, Aizen block, but as soon as he blocks, Mutsuo uses the block to spring off Aizen. Mutsuo shifts his foot before springing off so the he would come with another kick to Aizen's unblocked part of the head. Mutsuo had no foundation, Aizen took advantage of that and right before any of Mutsuo's foot touched the ground, Aizen jumps from the position he was in and goes for an ax kick again landing it right in Mutsuo's stomach. Mutsuo crashes into the ground with Aizen's heel in driven into his stomach, their teacher then steps in and says, "Ok, thats enough, Aizen has won, now do the Seal of Reconciliation." Mutsuo gets up slowly holding his stomach and does the seal and says, "Good fight." "Ohhh, ohhhh, you lost Mutuso." Yoru says. "Shut up, I will get him next time." Mutsuo says to Yoru. "Well, you both have magnificent Taijutsu skill, Aizen it seems like you attack off counters, and Mutsuo you attack smartly, now her." their teachers hands Aizen and Mutsuo a food pill to regain energy. "Thanks sensei." They both say. "No problem. Now, Aizen you will fight Eren."

They do the Seal of Confrontation and back up. Eren then charges, "What are you doing Eren, didn't you hear, he attacks of of counters." Yoru says, "Hmm." Eren then goes for head kick, but Aizen instinctively blocks. "Wow, I barely blocked that, Erens' fast." But Eren actually made his leg go over Aizens head, and using his superior speed, Eren swings his leg over Aizen swiftly until his leg hits the ground. He then twists his foot bringing the leg that was planted already and spins, driving it into Aizen's stomach sending him flying into the tree, but their teacher catches him before he crashes into the tree. "Well, looks like Eren won that very quick fight." Then then met back in the middle and do the Seal of Reconciliation, Aizen was handed another food pill and ate it to regain his strength.

"Well, looks like Eren has the best Taijutsu out of you three, we have 2 more hours of school left, do you all want to go to the next subject or train in taijutsu a little bit more?" Their teacher asks. "We want to fight you sensei." the boys request. "Urr, umm, I don't know about that." he replies. "Come on sensei, please." Mutsuo says. "Ok fine." The teacher says. They all do the Seal of Confrontation and back up. "Hmm, Mutsuo will most likely attack first, then Aizen, then Eren. I know their fighting style already." Then out of nowhere Eren rushes up and attacks with a jumping head kick, their teacher blocks it, when he looks back at Aizen and Mutsuo, they were already about to attack him. Aizen was going for a sweep, while Mutsuo came for an ax kick from above. The teacher jumps up to avoid the sweep, and blocks above for the kick, but now he was wide open and Eren hit him with a quick jab to the ribs sending him flying a few feet. He couldn't even recover and another assault came in, Eren tries to drop kick him, but he sways out of the way, then Mutsuo and Aizen come from both sides of him and go for an ax kick. He grabs their foot, but Eren comes in with a kick to the back sending him flying into the air. Then using their other leg, Mutsuo and Aizen sweep their legs around and hit their teacher straight in the face sending him into the ground. "OWWWW!!! Ok, you all winnnn." he says on the ground. They do the seal of Reconciliation and move on to the next lesson the next day.

After SchoolEdit

"Class Dismissed!!!" The teacher says to the class. Outside, Mutsuo, Eren, and Aizen gather up together as usual. "I wonder who our sensei is going to be." Aizen says as the 3 boys walk along. "I bet it will be like this extra weak person." Eren says. "Hey guys, I was thinking, we should make our own technique." Aizen says. "Oh yeah, what were you thinking?" Mutsuo asks. "Well, I was thinking, there's that thing that we do to walk on water and other surfaces, what about walking on Air?" Aizen suggests. "I don't know about that, that may be impossible." Eren says playing the devils advocate. "Well we won't know until we try." Aizen says. "But we are only academy students, even though we are at the level of a genin, how will we make this technique?" Mutsuo asks. "I can get my dad or mom to help." Aizen says. "I can try and get my dumb cousin to help, and even then its probably a no." Eren says. "What about our teacher?" Mutsuo asks. "No, no I don't think he can help us with this, we need someone who has very good chakra control." Aizen says.

"So someone like me?" A voice says. "This voice, I recognize it." Mutsuo says to himself. "Where are you, your voice sounds familiar." Mutsuo speaks out. "I'm above you." the voice says. The boys look up to see a tall man with long hair standing on top of the building above them. But what was weird was that at the edge of the building, he was standing sideways on the corner of the edge. "Kenzo, I remember you, how are you, and where have you been, I have been looking for you." Mutsuo says running out towards Kenzo. Kenzo jumps down and lands in front of them, Eren and Aizen then could see his eyes, reveling that he was a Hyuga. "A Hyuga, this is my first time seeing the Byakugan up close like this." Aizen says to himself. "Yeah, I have been on missions lately, but I should be around for a few weeks now. I happened to hear you all's conversation, and I can't help but think that I am perfect for what you need and extra." Kenzo says smiling.

"Guys, we can trust him, trust me." Mutsuo says. Eren and Aizen look at each other for a few seconds then nod. "Well then, lets head to the training grounds." Kenzo says. They get to the training grounds and Kenzo tells them, "Well, we only have about 5 hours to do this before the annual festival, I'm sure that you all are going, so we will do the training in 3 hours so that will leave you all 2 to get ready for it." "Ok" the boys reply. "So, show me what you can do so far and I can judge what you all can do and perform in this training session, I doubt that we will get the technique down today, so we will practice it a little now."

"Do yall want to show him now?" Aizen asks, "Yeah, its ok with me." Eren says. "Sure, makes us look good." Mutsuo says. The boys then perform the Shadow Clone Technique, surprising Kenzo. "Wow, you all can do the Shadow Clone Technique, that's......" "Amazing?", "Incredible?", "Unbelievable?" The boys say cutting Kenzo off. "Yes it is, what are yall like seven years old and you all can do this, well now that yall have done that, I know where you are." Kenzo says. "So, you all have very good chakra control and levels period, some Jonin can't even perform this technique and you three can do it like its nothing. Well anyhow, so to start. When walking on a surface like water or that isn't on the ground, you use chakra to make you stick to or float on top of that surface. But with air, its basically just no solid platform, so in order to achieve this technique, we would have to find out how to make the air solid enough to where you can float and fly." Kenzo states.

"Well Kenzo, I was thinking that we could treat the air like water, in the air are molecules and water vapor, what if we were to make our chakra attract the molecules in the air and treat that as a solid platform?" Mutsuo states. "Hmm, well how would we make our chakra into that attracting property?" Kenzo asks. "We could make it like we are climbing on a wall, we have to make our chakra attract to the surface to do that." Aizen says. So thats what the boys do, but to no avail. They spend their whole time in trying to at least float, but it was too difficult. "Well, time is up, we have to continue this tomorrow kids and Mutsuo, can I see you for a moment." Kenzo says. "Hey, I will see you guys tomorrow." Mutsuo says to Aizen and Eren as he walks towards Kenzo. "Yes Kenzo?" Mutsuo asks. "Mutsuo, I want to train you and you alone until you become a Jonin, I see something in all of you, but you in particular that I feel with be extraordinary. So from now on, I will be you sensei." Kenzo says to Mutsuo. A huge smile comes across Kenzo's face.

Nature Transformation/Ninjutsu LessonEdit

"Welcome Class to the second day of Advanced Classes, one more day and maybe some of you can graduate." the teacher says. "So what are the 5 common natures?" He asks the class. In unison the class says, "Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Lighting." "Good" the teacher responds, "For bonus points what are the other 3 natues?" He adds. "Yin." Aizen says. "Yang." Mutsuo says. "And with both combined you get Yin-Yang." Eren adds. "Good you three, now what are advanced natures? If you get this right we can skip the rest of the Nature Transformation lesson and go straight to ninjutsu." "Advanced natures are when 2 natures are combined to make one powerful nature." Eren says. "And sometimes those advanced natures are only bloodline traits which are called Kekkei Genkai, though some Kekkei Genkai like dojutsu Kekkei Genkai don't combine two natures. Like the Hyuga Clan's Byakugan, all clan members have it." Aizen says. "And then there are Hiden's like the Nara Clan's Shadow Imitation Technique of course there are other Hidens, and then there are Kekkei Tōtas, which combine three natures into one like Dust Release." Mutsuo says.

"Well class, time for ninjutsu lessons, lets go outside to train." the teacher says. Outside, the class gathers around this tree there the tree, the teacher explains ninjutsu to them, but Aizen, Eren, and Mutsuo are tuned out by and unto familiar voice. "So, how have you three boys been, I saw that you three were trying to create a jutsu, something about walking on air I thin." Yoru says. "Yeah, whats it to you." Mutsuo says. "So I can tell your the master mind behind the technique, but anyway, I was about to give you assistance in creating the technique, but with that attitude I won't." Yoru says. "Why would you help us in the first place?" Eren asks. "Well because I want to see you three in action, I'm bored just sitting here on my ass watching you all learn this basic stuff, but I have to go now, I guess I have to just ride along later." Yoru says.

"So the first ninjutsu I want to show you all is the Body Flicker Technique, simple but effective. Its only one hand sign and this is how you do it." the teacher says. He performs the jutsu and instructs for the students to do it. Eren, Mutsuo, and Aizen perform the technique on the first try along with a few others. "Ok, now since you all did the Body Flicker Technique in one try, I want to move on to another higher ranking technique of your choosing. Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique, or Hiding with Camouflage Technique." Their Teacher suggests. "Teach us both." Eren, Mutsuo and Aizen say. "Well, it will take time, though I know you three can do it, after school though, I have to teach the rest of the kids ok, work on something else for the rest of the day. Meet me at training grounds 1, you three are dismissed." their teacher says.

"Well guys, we might as well work on out jutsu, lets go find Kenzo so he can help Mutsuo says." The boys take off to find Kenzo all the while thinking of how to create their technique.

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