Ulquiorra snapshot6
Aliases The Leader of Section 5

Number 5

Journey Information
Biographical Information
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Male
Age 30
Height 5'6
Weight 119.2 lbs
Blood Type AB+
Classification Dragon Sage
Affiliation Dragon Realm
Team 10 Section Leader Team
Section 5 Team
Chakra Natures Dragon Sage Wind Release(Air Dragon Sage)
Earth Release(Land Dragon Sage)
Water Release(Water Dragon Sage)
Kekki Genkai (N/A for now)
Ninja Rank S-Rank
Academy Grad. Age 8
Dragon Art: Dragon Scale Covering<be/>Dragon Art: Land Dragon Armor


He is a short skinny dude with black hair. He wears a mask that cannot be taken off by anyone but himself. As a leader, he wears white to represent that he is a leader in the 10 Sections of the Dragon Realm.


He is very ruthless, he never gives mercy to anyone and he is very dull. He hardly ever gets happy or sad or mad. He has no emotion, and keeps to himself most of the time. The dragon he was able to capture is the same, which doesn't make it any better.


He is one of the only person who can fire a Kiro with 1 finger and have enough power to blow through a tailed beast bomb. He has a variety of techniques, and is as powerful as the 9 and 6 tails combined. He is also an Air Dragon Sage Water Dragon Sage, and Land Dragon Sage because he captured 3 dragons and overtook them. He is one of the only person to capture 3 dragons.

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