Tōkestu-gao (literal meaning: freezing face) is a Kekkie Genkai past down through the Hyobanshi clan. Unlike lots of other Kekkie Genkais Tōkestu-gao does not have a parent Kekkie Genkai. It is usually covered with a mask, but when it is not one would reconize it by the way it looks. It looks as if the person has no skin and all of their viens areone the outside of their face. Basically, when one looks at someone with the Tōkestu-gao they freeze with fear and their chakra slows. Most Hyobanshis keep the part of their face covered as to not show their jutsu, and amatures that do not know how to control this Kekkie Genkai freeze all other gennins and sometimes chuunins that look upon then. When the weilder becomes stronger, they are taught to either drain all the chakra from their face so no one freezes, or to focus all of their chakra into their face to freeze most chuunins, and slow down jōnins. When a genie, chuunin, or a very low level jōnin looks upon the distored looking part of the face, it can take 5 seconds from the time a seal is preformed untill the time it actually happens, but for more experienced jōnins (Kakashi, Might Gia, Asuma etc.) and pages look upon the face it will only slow their chakra for about a second, which is still a lot of time in a high level battle.

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