Susumu is the last of the Hyobanshi clan after he hid away when the Akatsuki slaughtered the rest of his clan, and he had Gyūki (eight tailed beast) sealed in him. Like Sharingan, Tōkestu-gao is highly sought after by shinobi, which is why the Akatsuki threatened to kill the entire Hyobanshi clan if they didn't give them their secret. The Hyobanshis, a proud clan, steadfastly refused, and Susumu's mother knew the Akatsuki would soon wipe out the clan, so she hid him away with mere minutes before the desolation of the clan. He also received Sharingan, but nobody but Kakashi and his sensei, Aki, know how. He was also blessed by the sage of six paths.


Susumu is a very talented shin obi gifted with both Sharingan and Tōkestu-gao. He trains under sensei Aki, and is currently a genie, but will advance to at least jōnin at a fast pace. His mission in life, after he gets powerful enough, is to hunt down the Akatsuki and put them all in jail. He knows a just for each of the elements, apart from lightning, and can also do Rasengan with either two hands or his shadow-clones. He is stronger than Sasuke, Gaara, and he could also tie Naruto even with him using his nine tails chakra (at the level he can use about the same time after Naruto learns Rasengan). He is the same age as Naruto, and the two are good friends and encourage each-other and practice together and they will probably stay just as strong as each-other for their whole lives.


He will become the most powerful shinobi, alongside Naruto, and will be a sage, use the six paths sage mode, and has all nature types including yin, yang, and yin-yang. He uses the eight tailed best sealed in him to make more justus, similar to some of the ones Naruto made with Kuruma. Even though he only has and eight tailed beast, he is still as strong as Naruto with his nine tailed beast, and can also make a tailed beast ball. He can use six paths senjutsu, granting him truth seeking balls.

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