Super Rage Mode

Kekkei Genkai

Other Jutsu

Yurai Clan

The Super Rage Mode is a kekkei genkai granted to the clan members of Ikusa's children's clan Yurai and (PLACEHOLDER).

Abilities Edit

This increases the users speed by 30% and strength by 34% is has no drawback however if the user is low on chakra they won't be able to hold it anymore. Raido makes the best of this technique however when in this mode he also activates his Yuraigan to make the use of it 10 times more powerful to where his brother Zeon even thought about giving up.

Appearance Edit

When one enters the super rage mode their hair turns golden and it begins to stand up. When the reached level 2 they begin to grow static around their body and hair looks a bit more yellowish.

Super Rage Mode

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