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300px-Full Shukaku Gaara
Aliases (守鶴, Shukaku)

One-Tail (一尾, Ichibi) One-Tailed Shukaku (一尾の守鶴, Ichibi no Shukaku) Shukaku of the Sand (砂の守鶴, Suna no Shukaku; English TV "Shukaku the Sand Spirit") The Incarnation of Sand (砂の化身, Suna no Keshin; English TV "The Manifestation of the Sand") Monster Tanuki (化け狸, Bakedanuki)

Journey Information
Biographical Information
Classification Tailed Beast
Affiliation Sunagakure
Chakra Natures Wind Release
Tailed Beast Ball

Shukaku (守鶴, Shukaku), more commonly known as theOne-Tail (一尾, Ichibi), is a tailed beast that was last sealed within Gaara of Sunagakure. It has been captured by Deidara, then extracted and sealed by Akatsuki.


Shukaku first came into being in the waning days of the Sage of the Six Paths, who used his Creation of All Things ability to separate the Ten-Tails' chakra from its body and divide it into nine separate constructs in order to ensure that it would never resurface after his death.[3][4] Some time after being created, the Sage sat down with all the youngtailed beasts and told them that they would always be together even when separated, and that one day they would become one entity again with different names as well as forms than they did then when the time came for them to understand what true power is.[5]

Citizens of Sunagakure came to believe that Shukaku was a living ghost (生霊, ikiryō) of a corrupted Suna priest, and was originally sealed inside a tea kettle.[6]

Shukaku had two previous jinchūriki,[7] one of which inspired the Third Kazekage to create the Iron Sandtechnique.[8] Shukaku was eventually removed from their bodies, resulting in their deaths.[9] [1]Shukaku goes on a rampage after Gaara loses control.When Karura became pregnant with Gaara, her husband, the Fourth Kazekage, had Chiyo to seal Shukaku into Gaara while he was still in the womb,[10]because of his three children, Gaara was the only compatible one with the beast.[11] Before Karura died from a premature childbirth, she passionately told her son that she would protect him and according to her husband, her love seeped into the sand.[12][13] However, Gaara couldn't properly control Shukaku's powers, killing or injuring several of Suna's shinobi and citizens. Deemed a failure, the Fourth Kazekage chose to test his son, ordering Yashamaru to assassinate him and also tell him that his mother never loved him, and that she was used as a human sacrifice for the sealing process. Gaara failed the test, fully releasing the rampaging Shukaku, to which the Fourth eventually used his Gold Dust to subdue the tanuki.[14]


Shukaku is cunning, but also incoherent, giving it the demeanour of a madman. According to Gaara, because of its innate rage and blood-lust, Shukaku relishes the opportunity to kill anyone in sight, even more so during a fullmoon.[15] Like all tailed beasts, Shukaku has a strong desire to preserve its own life, and as such, will grant its jinchūriki the power to control sand as well as allow them to transform into it in a state of need and blood-lust. Gyūkimentioned that Shukaku hates Kurama for its beliefs that the tailed beasts' strength is measured by the number of tails and, as such, views Shukaku as the weakest.[16]


Shukaku is a sandy-brown coloured tanuki, with black (dark blue in the anime) markings all over its face, body, and tail. It has a jagged, concave mouth and the sclerae of its eyes are black, with yellow irides and pupils that each takes the shape of a black four-pointed star with four black dots around it. During the last days of the Sage of the Six Paths, Shukaku in its youth looked the basically same as it does presently, only much smaller.[5]


[2]Shukaku using Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet.See also: Gaara's Jinchūriki FormsAs a tailed beast, Shukaku possesses a large quantity of chakra and can perform the Tailed Beast Ball.[17] The tanuki is also able to use Wind Releasenature transformation, which it uses to perform powerful attacks such as theWind Release: Drilling Air Bullet which can create giant craters upon impact. Most notable of the the beast's power is its ability to manipulate sand, using it as an effective weapon. At fully-released form, Shukaku's body is completely made of sand; as such he can ignore most damage that would otherwise be detrimental, as shown when he had one of his arms chopped off by Gamabuntaand was still able to keep on fighting. Whenever Shukaku is sealed into itsjinchūriki, it has the ability to eat away its host's personality, and influence him or her with its bloodlust behaviour whenever he or she sleeps, which leads its host to develop insomnia.[18]

Part IEdit

Invasion of Konoha ArcEdit

During the Invasion of Konoha, Gaara transformed into his full Shukaku form during his fight with Naruto Uzumaki, who later summoned Gamabunta. When Gaara exposed himself on top of Shukaku's head and used the Feigning Sleep Technique, Shukaku took full control of its body and battled them. Shukaku's power was too much for Gamabunta to handle, resulting in both him and Naruto using the Combination Transformation to take the form of a giant fox (Kurama in the anime). Gamabunta used the form's claws and teeth to grab and restrain Shukaku, in order for Naruto to wake Gaara up with a punch, which suppressed Shukaku's power.

Ultimate Weapon ArcEdit

Main article: Ultimate Weapon Arc

Part IIEdit

Kazekage Rescue ArcEdit

[3]Shukaku being extracted from Gaara.During Gaara's time as the Fifth Kazekage, Deidara and Sasori from theAkatsuki were assigned to capture Shukaku. After Deidara defeated Gaara in combat and took him to Akatsuki's lair in the Land of Rivers, Shukaku was forcefully extracted from Gaara and placed within the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. Though the extraction killed him, Gaara was resurrected throughChiyo's One's Own Life Reincarnation technique and has still retained the ability to control sand.

Ten-Tails Revival ArcEdit

Despite not being used as part of Tobi's Six Paths of Pain and thus not having met Naruto directly since their confrontation in Konoha, Shukaku appeared alongside with the other tailed beasts with the exception of Gyūki when the Ten-Tails looked down at Naruto. The image of the tailed beasts, along with a a silhouette of the Sage of the Six Paths, drove the Ten-Tails to a fit as it evolved further.  ==Video Games== Shukaku appears as a boss in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm and Naruto: Rise of a Ninja, and a false replication of it is a boss in Naruto Shippūden: Kizuna Drive. Shukaku itself is playable as its full form in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3, and Gaara takes on its miniature form in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 34, and 5.

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