On their way back to Shadogakure, Yuka awakes and uses a substitution jutsu to appear on a nearby branch.

"I'm curious, what did you plan to do with me? Not that it matters, I will never allow you to do whatever you want after you attacked me and my comrades, killing one and nearly killing the other two for no reason other than you obviously are insane and love to fight." Yuka said with anger obvious in his eyes.

"First off calm down, second, I didn't kill that a teammate back there, I killed a someone who was a threat to your life. It was a white zetsu that I killed. He used that transformation jutsu of his and faked you out. I wasn't even after you or your other two comrades, I was after him. And your other two friends are right behind us. Lets get back to the village, my sis will heal you and those two back better at our village, OK?"

"I don't believe you and have no reason to. Before I used that jutsu, I sent my comrades to take refuge at my clan's hidden village so it makes no sense for them to be here."

"Ok they are water clones, but the zetsu part was real look." He takes out a scroll and weaves a hand sign and the body of the white zetsu comes out. "See? but I made the clones look like your teammates so I could persuade you to come with us to train."

"A true shinobi can see through deception and though I am not a sensory type, I know the chakra of my comrades anywhere but I see you were not lying about the Zetsu. Though I am greatful, I trust none of you but I do wish to see how you could counter my forbidden jutsu so easily, nobody has ever beaten it before, until now."

"Well my brother is like the second Hashirama Senju, and that dragon could restrain the nine-tails so yeah. But would you like to come and train with us? We are a very unusually group of people, but we are fun to hang out with."

Yuka Hesitated, not quite sure on what he should do but after several minutes of silence, Yuka bit the end of his thumb and summons his vampire bat familiars. Yuka gave them in an frequency inaudable to Humans using chakra a command and two disappeared in a burst of smoke while the others made a perimiter. Next, he summons several sound clones to assist the bats with the perimiter. "Very well, let's move out."

When they got into the village, Seika took him to the hospital to get healed. Then, escorts take Yuka to the training grounds where Shiden, Tohsiro, and Seika were waiting. Then a girl with long white hair and a white and black outfit walks in. "Yes, Shiden?" "Well Yuka this is your first opponent for training, you will find out what kekkei genkai she has. And Kaiyo, please please please don't kill him." Shiden says. "Ok" She replies. Shiden walks over to Yuka and says, "When you beat her, you will rest for a few days, because after you fight her you will need it. Then you will fight someone else. OK"

"Just so you know Kaiyo, I rarely ever fight seriously in practice matches like this and as Shiden can tell you, I am very good at getting on my opponent's nerves so don't expect an easy match." Yuka hides his hands and says no more.

Kaiyo vs YukaEdit

A water clone of Shiden then get up behind Yuka and says, "Please don't get on her nerves, because thats when she gets mad and kills you." The water clone goes back into the ground and the fight starts. Kaiyo uses her speed and charges up to Yuka, and is five feet away from him about to punch him.

Yuka smiles thinking about Shiden's words. Instantly, he has a plan in mind and starts to put it into place, starting with keeping his distance by jumping back six feet and using the Sound Release: Sonic Blast  jutsu.

Kaiyo stops and punches the ground a hole where she can jump into it, then after the blast passes through she jumps out of the hole and uses Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets and hard white things come at Yuka.

Unsure how to destroy it, Yuka simply dodges and retailiates by summoning his bat familiars to surround her and use Sound Release: Sonic Screech at her all at once while Yuka prepares in the shadows.

Then she covers her ears with bone and then uses Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets again to kill the bats. Then she waits on Yuka's next attack.

Yuka saw that the bones were cracked so he knew that at the very least he could shatter them but he knew that particular kekkai genkai gives endless detachable bones. Still out of sight, Yuka sent a clone to engage in close combat with her, moving at half speed while sending all it's chakra to it's hands.

She then makes bones come out of her knuckles and punches the clone in the stomach, then she makes the bones extent through the clones body. It disperses and then she goes to where the clone came out.

As Kaiyo tries to find the real Yuka, mist starts to cover the field starting from the point the clone was killed and from all corners of the battlefield clones, surrounding Kaiyo but keeping their distance. The clones use the Sonic Screech jutsu while feeding chakra into the ground for the Earth Release: Hidden Pit Jutsu to form a pit under Kaiyo, getting 35% of the way there before she started to make a move.

Then Kaiyo spins around in a circle like a ballerina and shoots bones from her ribs, hitting the clones then she throws paper bombs all around the field and explodes them. Making most of the mist disappear.

Yuka smiled at her ignorance for more most poured onto the battlefield from the positions of the clones, becoming thicker than they were before the smoke bombs. Hidden in the mist, Yuka has four sound clones surround her again, shifting their position every ten seconds or so while finishing the hidden pit.

Then she makes a clone and sits on the ground. Then the clone makes a dome of bone to cover herself. (the clone and Kaiyo are in the dome) "Oh crap!!" Shiden says. Shiden gets on patio and says "HEY Yuka, your in trouble, She is pissed now!!!"

Yuka's laughter range through the mist and then said "Going down anyone?" Just then, the pit finishes and Kaiyo goes tumbling down into series of jagged cliffs, pointy but not life threatening rocks rocks both sticking out the walls and on the bottom. Controlling the pit from afar, Yuka prepared to change the pit suddenly to throw her off.

Then a large rumbling noise comes from the hole, and then Kaiyo comes out of the pit. "I don't like to talk, nor use jutsu, it makes me ........MAD!!!!!" She then uses Earth Release to makes very large holes around the battlefield. The mist goes down into these holes clearing the area. She closes up the holes and makes clones. They spread out killing any of Yuka's clones trying to find Yuka.

Ear peircing noise errupts from the clones, deafening Kaiyo's clones temporarally before they can shield themself because of the close range. While they are deafened, Yuka throws a string of kunai at them to defeat them before they have the chance to defend themselves.

Kaiyo locates the area where Yuka was (because of her clones.) and rushes over there. Then she uses Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration and shoots the wave in the area where Yuka was, shocking anything in its path.

Yuka smiled at Kaiyo and then mouths something as the lightning hits the substitution on the should in it's attempt to evade the attack though it knew he would fail.

Then Kaiyo reaches into her back and pulls out her spinal cord and uses it as a sword. Then she stabs the sword into the ground and makes large spikes made out of bone come up in the area where Yuka is.

Amused by the futile attempt to kill him, Yuka jumped out of the way and onto the branch of a nearby tree, summoning more bats to circle her from above.

He quickly gave them a command in a high frequency only his clan and certain animal species can hear then used hidden hand signs. With the final hand sign, he unleashed the Sound Release:Siren Song and at the same time, the bats did the same, attempting to trap her in genjutsu.

Shiden then steps in and says, "Ok the fight is over, Yuka wins. Yuka, nice, you kept you distance all fight, good job. Ok, do you wanna fight your next opponent or wait?"

Yuka sighed, having hoped the fight would be more intense and came out of his hiding place, walking towards Kaiyo until he was four feet away then turned to Shiden and said. "I'll rest for a bit to get my full chakra back, it's always good to have full chakra when fighting an opponent." He then turned to Kaiyo and said "You could have beaten me if you didn't lose your cool because once you did, you wasted a lot of chakra in reckless moves."

Kaiyo then looks at him with this look of frustration and says, "I held back because I would of killed you if I didn't, but your next opponent won't be so nice. But thank you for not underestimating me, most people would of tried to take advantage of my size, thinking that I was nothing, but you didn't and I Solute you for that." She then smiles at him and walks away. "Well, now that that is settled how about we go and eat and start this back up tomorrow?" Shiden says.

Staring after Kaiyo, he smiled and turned to Shiden and said "Yes, let's go eat."

Sen Ryu Senju vs. YukaEdit

Shiden walks into the room where Yuka was sleeping and says, "Are you ready for your next opponent?"

He stepped out from a part of his room cloaked in shadows and said "Let's go!" and the clone sitting on the bed was released, returning it's chakra to the real Yuka.

"Ok you next opponent is kind of a tough cookie. We are still working on her, attitude wise. But other than that she is a ok person. She is a long range fighter as well so, you might have trouble beating her, and for her you two are going to need a bigger training ground." Shiden says walking along with Yuka.

They get to the training field and this woman with black and purple on stands in the middle of the path. "Ok here is your next opponent, her name is Sen Ryu Senju, and you will find out about her kekkei genkai late. Good luck."

Yuka smiled at her and said "I don't fight long range specialists like me very often, I am going to enjoy this." With that, he placed his hands in his coat and did a series of hand signs and waited.

She simply looks at him waiting for his move.

Yuka fed chakra into the ground with his hidden pit jutsu and while that was going, Yuka used the Sonic Screech jutsu at her and quickly followed up with summoning his bat familiars.

Sen then raises her hand and absorbs the Sonic Screech jutsu. Then she fires itback at him using her Dark Release.

Smiling, Yuka used a chakra absorpsion technique of his clan for absorbing sound chakra and then used chakra to change his hearing to not not pick up the frequency of the jutsu.

"Absorb this" Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation the flames then go towards Yuka burning everything in its way.

Yuka disappeared down into the ground thanks to his earth style jutsu the Hidden pit Jutsu, evading the fire style jutsu without feeling anything more than a quick heat flash while the bats ascended above the fire's range.

Then Sen says, "So I guess you are going to stay down there like a mouse hiding from a cat?"

Yuka appeared behind Sen from the earth and threw a punch at her head, intending to knock her on her face while simultaneously throwing a punch at the middle of her back.

Sen smiles and says, "That was a nice hit, but you should watch where you are hitting." Then Yuka realizes that when his hit her back it was a weapon on her back glowing purple. "This weapon on my back is sucking up your chakra at this moment." Sen says. Then she rolls over and kicks him in the face sending him about 5 feet away.

Yuka smiles at him and then disappears in a puff of smoke, being replaced with a log. The log eventually started to fall and broke in half at impact with the ground. The bats surround her and use their eco location on her to temperarally deafen her and since it doesn't require chakra, the bats can attack saftly.

She then swings her fan looking weapon and powerful winds come at the bats making them disperse. Then she swings her weapon around and large gust of winds cut down everything in a 100 meter radius.

Having altered the hidden pit jutsu since the beginning of the battle, a pit formed under Sen and the ground under her collapsed.

Then Sen says, "I don't have time for this." She bites her thumb and says, "Summoning Technique!" ans Summons, the Four Tails Son Gokū. The tailed beast hops out of the pit and back on the ground. "Lets see how he does against a Tailed beast." Shiden Says.

Yuka was surprised and suddenly grew very concerned as only his forbidden jutsu's could possible compete with a tailed beast but they are much too dangerous even to use in a critical fight. Grimacing, he sent a clone to confront them. "Tell me Sen, did Shiden tell you what happened in our fight or are you just going into this blind?"

"Yes he did, and he wants you to try and control the tornado and your mind. Thats why we took precautionary measures and wantred to train you out here. So, are you ready?"

"You don't understand, six dozen people before me tried to master it and all failed, becoming permanently insane or dying, people with better chakra control and more chakra than I have. We can continue to fight but I will not use that jutsu."

Then Toshiro hops down from their viewing place and says, "Look, there is a war coming, and your going to find out that this jutsu needs to become your best jutsu that you can control." Then Toshiro places his hand on his head and gives him chakra. "I jutsu gave you chakra, we will be on stand by to stop you if something goes wrong. Trust me, you will be fine, think about some of your most dearest friends family or what ever, and trust me, you will learn to control it."

"One of the tornado's child jutsu absorbs natural chakra from the air and land which I don't have any power over and if your not a sage, you will become a statue, I have seen it happen and it is irreversable. Besides, I'm a mercenary so how do you know I am not going to fight against you?"

Toshiro then sits on the ground for about three minutes and then markings appear on his face, "This is Hashirama Senju Sage Mode, and this....." Toshiro claps his hands together and does Sage Art: Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands. "Yea, I don't think you want to fight against us." He says standing on top of the statues head.

"Alone I would indeed fail to beat you Toshiro but, with my team we can indeed take you down though it is hard to say whether or we would be able to defeat the rest of you with whatever strength we have left." Sighing, Yuka realizes he has no choice but to do the jutsu. "Very well, get ready everyone because all hell is about to break lose."

Toshiro takes the statue down and says, "Trust me you can bring your whole village, you still wont be able to beat me. But ok we are ready."

"Toshiro, always treat your opponent or opponents as your equal no matter what or you will fail, that is a fact I have nearly died several times to learn. Well, regardless let's begin." Releasing the clone, Yuka grabs a food pill out his bag and swallows it then hiding his hands, he used used the handsigns and unleashed the Tornado Creation Jutsu, focusing with all his might to control his chakra.

"Think about someone you love, don't let that crazy side of you come out, focus, concentrate. Think about protecting your village, and master this jutsu. It took me five years to master sage mode and that jutsu you just saw, and I didn't have anyone to cheer me on. I can tell its something in you and its powerful, so unleash it, master this jutsu."

While maintaining control over his chaka, Yuka thought back his comrades at the hidden sound village, his old team as a genin and the team he commanded as a Chunin, even letting himself remember his old black ops team and the happy times they had. As Yuka concentrates, the tornado grew in size and speed until it reaches the max level of a natural tornado. On it's own, the tornado started going on a rampage, tearing up the battlefield.

"Come on your getting there, I think you got the insane part down. Now get the control part down. Don't worry about the risk of you destroying the village or killing us, we will be ok, just concentrate."

The tornado continues to rampage across the training gounds and once it took off in the direction of Sen and Son Gokū, he showed obvious control, keeping it on the path to sucking them up.

"Get ready Son." Then the tornado gets closer and closer and Son Gokū holds his hands out and holds the tornado in place. "Come on Yuka, your close, I can feel it." Toshiro says.

Sitting down cross legged, Yuka focused more intensely, increasing the rotation speed of the tornado and guides objects sucked in by it's rotation to hit Son Goku to make him lose his grip.

In order for Son to maintain his control, he used his tails and hands to maintain the grip on the twister. "There you go, your controlling it, come on, you have it." Toshiro says.

Yuka ripped it from Son's grip with all his concentration and had it move several feet back in the direction it came from, making Son lose his balance and as he did, Yuka made the tornado charge at him again.

"Good you're in control, now stop it."

Yuka stopped the tornado an inch away, controlling it's pull as to prevent Son from being sucked in.

"Good job." everyone says. Then Seika goes to heal Yuka. "Now, you have some choses to make, you can fight me, my sister or my brother, or all three of us at the same time." Shiden says.

Still exhaughted even with the healing, Yuka said to Shiden "Your crazy, I would have to use it again and it gave me a splitting headache not to mention made every bone in my body ache and nearly knocked me unconscious."

"But you learned how to control it. Also once you use it over and over again, you could use it more than once a day. But we will let you rest for a few days. But who do you pick to fight?"

Yuka sighs and says "I guess I don't have a choice, so we will resume tomorrow, midday and I'll fight all three of you but don't go easy, that won't help me."

"All three of us? Really now, you don't have too."

"The best way to master a jutsu is to be pushed to the point where it's all or nothing because that shows how much control you truly have and how much skill with the jutsu you truly possess as well as increase your chakra reserves as your body grows toughens from the extremes you push it to, maintaining it as long as you maintan that with a strict training regimin and it will also make aspects of the jutsu you previously found challenging very easy."

"Well ok, but my brother will have to hold back his......" Shiden gets cut off by Toshiro, "No, I will use that power, its alright, I won't kill him." "OK" shiden replies. "You need all your strength and chakra for this battle."

Senju Siblings VS Yuka YokaiEdit

Back on the training grounds outside of the village Yuka faces the Senjus siblings, staring them down. "Before we begin, I should tell you there are several child jutsu to my Tornado Creation jutsu, each created to enhance it past what you have seen and I may try them as I need to master them too however, it is unlikely but be prepared, what you have experienced so far is just a tenth of it's full power but the risks are so much greater." With that, he get's in a ready position.

"So you were holding back, well we were too, especially Toshiro. Well lets get started." Shiden says. And with that, Shiden and Seika take of one goes on the right of him and the other goes on the left of him. Seika uses Lava Release and Shiden uses Ice Release , they both shoot streams of their technique at Yuka.

Yuka uses his hidden pit jutsu to disappear under the earth's surface just in the nick of time and appeared behind them saying "I have to hold back to a degree or I'll become as strong as a Jinchuri, maybe stronger.  I have heard tales of supplimental jutsu to the Tornado Creation jutsu that can only be discovered after using a certain number of child jutsu are used."

Then Toshiro uses Wood Release and makes a hand that shoves Yuka into Shiden and Seika. They come and kick Yuka in the face, but Yuka blocks the kick but is sent about 40 yards from the sheer force.

Because of the sheer force used against him, the clone was destroyed and the chakra was returned to Yuka, covering the area in a mist. Out of the mist a dozen Kunai come out from behind them.

Right before the kunai come at the three Shiden senses Yuka from behind and tells his siblings to move. Then Seika uses Lava Release and makes a lake of lava cover the area, making the mist evaporate. Then Shiden uses water release to make the lava cool down and turning it into ground again.

The clone was destroyed when the Lava was unleashed, creating a blast of noise that spread in every direction with the intent of deafening those who hear it and while they are distracted with the noise, three Shuriken infused with Sound Chakra are thrown from the north side shadows.

Shiden turns around and uses Wind Release and knocks the shuriken out of the way. Then Toshiro uses Wood Release: Four-Pillar Prison Technique and makes a massive wooden prison, then Seika uses Boil Release and shoots a stream of steam into the prison melting anything in there.

From his hidden position, Yuka smiled at their foolishness for beings so powerful and skilled, they are not very weary of their opponents skill even when they know just about everything about it. Taking control of the shuriken, he changes their course to attack Shiden, hoping to hit him with sound release when in range.

Then, a clone Shiden's followed Yuka through out the whole battle latched on to the bottom of his shoes, takes form behind Yuka inches away from hitting him in a spot where he would be knocked out instantly. Also, Toshiro sees the shuriken coming and prepares to block them.

What the clone thought was Yuka looked back and smiled then several paper bombs explodes, taking out both clones at once. The shuriken get within range and Yuka uses their lesser version of sonic screech, aiming for the middle of Shiden's chest.

Shiden dodges the screech and then Toshiro uses Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees and makes the trees and flowers grow around the whole area. At this point it is no way Yuka can say at the bottom of the forest, he has to go to the top. Shiden and Seika are unaffected by the pollen because their father gave them all an injection that keeps them from going unconscious.

Yuka emerged from his hiding place after inhaling deeply and holding his breath then used the summoning jutsu to summon his vampire bat familiars to carry him high in the sky. Once in the sky, he starts preparing the Tornado Creation technique.

Then, Toshiro uses Multiple Wood Release Clone Technique and the clones morph into the trees. Then, the siblings move towards Yuka.

Unleashing the tornado, he moves it at the siblings while the bats carrying him keep him out of range of the siblings attcks while the tornado increases in speed and size.

Then Toshiro says, "He said not to hold back so..." Then Toshiro uses Wood Release: Wood Dragon Technique, like last time, the dragon coils around the twister and sucks all of the chakra out of it. Then Shiden uses Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique, him and Seika gets on top of its head, then Seika use Boil Release and a shoots balls of steam at the bats

Being prepared, Yuka gave a command to the bats and they dodged, countering with a group eco location from high above it to deafen the siblings. While they do that, Yuka uses the Tornado Creation jutsu again, unleashing it in the direction of the water dragon to suck up the water. Before Toshiro can absorb it's chakra again, Yuka uses the child technique Wrath of the Wind God, immediately proceeding to the next technique Children of the Wind once it was done. Upon the last technique being finished, six miniture versions of the main tornado which are the size of an average Human are unleashed and start to work their way to full size and speed.

Shiden and Seika land on one of the branches of the trees safely. The Toshiro asks Yuka, "Are you sure you don't want me to hold back? Because once I unleash my full power, I may kill you."

As the main tornado sucks up the water of the dragon, Yuka says "If you don't go all out, I can't guarantee you will survive, use of these techniques gives an impulse to use the next one and each technique is worst than the last."

"Fine." Toshiro closes his eyes and when he opens them back up, the Rinnegan appears. He then creates nine clones, sending two to weigh his siblings down while he and the other six go into the eye of the tornados and ascends into the sky above it. When in place, he yells to Yuka "Make the tornado as powerful as it can be!"

Smiling, Yuka takes out another six food pill and eats them then focuses on keeping the main tornado in place while making it's children grow to it's power. Once they reach full power, he gives a silent signal to Toshiro.

"Ok, send it towards me." Toshiro says as all of his clones go back into him.

Concentrating extra hard, Yuka sends the tornadoes to circle Toshiro as they attempt to suck him in.

He lets himself get sucked in by the twisters, then he notices that while inside the twister, that there is no oxygen, so he uses Almighty Push and pushes the twisters away making them disappear. He then says, "That is very powerful. If the suction part doesn't kill the person, then the no air part will."

"Indeed but the cost is so great, I am fighting to stay concious with all my willpower and my chakra is nearly depleted so one more jutsu and if neither side wins, we continue tomorrow."

"No, I can sense your chakra level, you don't have enough chakra to pull that off. Just rest and try tomorrow, the last thing we want you to do is kill your self."

Yuka grinned, he forgot that Toshiro is a sensory type but while he didn't have chakra left in his body, Yuka carried a necklace he has learned how to store chakra in and that is nothing Toshiro can sense. The only problem is that it was stored for emergancies and to use it now when it could save him later could cost him. Yuka took the necklace out from under his shirt and starred at it, not knowing what to do.

"What is that?"

As Yuka's grin grew, he turned to Toshiro and said "A memento of my childhood, it has great sentimental value to me." Secretly to himself he said "But it is also a key to defeating opponents as strong as you Toshiro and someday, I'll use it to show up my clan but until then...." Putting it away, he said to Toshiro "Alright, let's rest and resume tomorrow."

"Ok." The next day they all meet back up at the training grounds. "Ready?" the siblings ask Yuka.

"Would I have shown up if I wasn't?" Yuka said with a smile. He got into his fighting position and waited for the siblings to make their move.

"I like this dude." Toshiro says. "He as guts and skill." Seika says. "Yea well, I found him, and he's going to be my Apprentice." Shiden says. Wood Release: Cutting Technique, Water Release: Water Bullets, Boil Release: Boil Ball Technique. The three ninjutsu come at Yuka.

"You make me wonder if you actually know any other tricks or just hope that these will get me eventually." Yuka said while dodging the attacks with great speed, countering with Sound Release: Sonic Screech Jutsu.

Seika then uses Lava Release and shoots a small wave of lava at the wave of sound blocking the sound. (because lava is like water, and also has chunks of molten rock which completely blocks sound.) Then Toshiro uses Wood Release: Underground Roots Technique, and the roots go towards Yuka.

Sensing a disturbance in the earth, Yuka quickly summons his bat familiars and ascends into the sky. To completely surprise them, Yuka immediately used the Tornado Creation jutsu and set it to intercept the roots.

Then Shiden comes up behind Yuka before he gets high enough to where they are unable to hit him and says, "No one is going to wait around for this to happen." Shiden is five feet away from punching him.

Turning in Shiden's direction, he unleashes another sonic screech combined with the bat's own eco location to enhance the power of both sound attacks. As it is happening, the Tornado increases in size and speed, ripping the roots out of the ground and sucking them into it's rotation, adding it to Yuka's weapon arsenal.

The Shiden that Yuka sent the sonic screech to was a clone, and the clone turns into water once it was hut. Then a explosion occurs in the tornado making it disperse. Toshiro put paper bombs on the roots and made them explode once inside the tornado. Then before he could try to do the jutsu again, Shiden uses Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique to try and hit Yuka.

After giving a bit of his chakra to the bat, he gives a command in a tone inaudible to Humans and the two rise above the attacks range, countering with another Tornado Creation and speeds up it's growth and power by putting some extra chakra into it. To distract them, he uses the Sound clone jutsu, creating six clones of him and the bat carrying him. The bats scatter and attempt to surround the siblings.

Then Shiden does the unthinkable and goes straight into the tornado. He uses Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave and the tornado then gets overtaken by water canceling out the wind, and now it is in Shiden's control. He keeps the water turning so he can move faster. Then he says, "Hey, this could be a nice correlation jutsu with you and me Yuka." Then he uses Water Release: A Thousand Feeding Sharks and sharks come out of the tornado towards Yuka.

"No offense Shiden but your an amature with rotation of elements, my wind still exists within and is about to take back it's postion as number one, making your water part of my arsenal." And as soon as he finished taling, Yuka did the unexpected and charged at the sharks, knocking them aside with a blow to the nose then dived right into the vortex in a matter to collide with Shiden in taijutsu.

They exchange blows, hit each other, dodge attacks, all of that. Shiden then says, "Water is my weapon, where ever water is, it is in my control. And its time for me to show my true power to you. You said don't hold back so I'm not." Shiden then puts himself in a Water Prison and waits for 3 minutes.

"You still underestimate me and that will be your downfall!" With that, he activates the Tornado Creation Jutsu, focusing on the vortex of water and mixed in with the water is his wind. As the wind's volocery increases, things around the vortex start getting pulled in and the water prision too is sucked into the rotation.

"You say I underestimate you, but I don't, I told you, water is my weapon and I would show you my full power because you told me not to hold back." Then a big eruption of water occurs and all of the water that was sucked up into the vortex comes to Shiden. When Yuka looks at Shiden, he sees markings on his face, and his eyes were covered with water. "This is my Water Sage Mode, lets see how thing work out."

Laughing, Yuka said "Bye!" and uses the Earth Style: Hidden Mole Jutsu to disappear underground. After escaping to another position, he moves the Tornado away from Shiden then uses the Earth Release: Underground Explosion jutsu at Shiden, and sent in a clone after it to prepare a technique.

Then Shiden says, "In my sage mode, its like I become one with water. I can sense where you are Yuka, you can't hide." Then water erupts from the earth where Yuka is making him come out of the ground. Then Shiden uses Sage Art: Water Release: Great Water Dragon and a dragon the size of Shiden forms by Shiden.

What Shiden thought was him was actually a substitution jutsu which was released upon getting blasted from below with a water pillar and was replaced by a large rock. Earth Release: Underground Explosion unhindered, was an inch away from striking while the clone jumps above it and onto the dragon, using the Water Release: Coral Mine jutsu and quickly getting away.

Then the dragon simply spits the mines out. And then shiden then waits for the next attack.

The earth attack hit the dragon's front, breaking apart the water that formed it and as the water fell, Yuka set off the mines and took cover, readying his next move.

"You can't destroy this dragon. It reforms instantly." The dragon reforms instantly and coils up around Shiden and forms ice around him to block the mines. Then the dragon charges towards Yuka

.Yuka quickly uses the Sonic Screech jutsu at the dragon, hoping to shatter it into pieces and make Shiden waste more chakra and time reforming it.

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