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Rikudou Uzumaki
Aliases Rikudou Sennin Jr
Journey Information
Experience 100%
Ryō 1,000,000
Biographical Information
Birthdate October 10
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 5'10
Weight 120lbs
Blood Type Z
Tailed Beast Juubi
Classification Ninja
Affiliation konohagakure
Family The Sage Of Six Paths
Clan Uzumaki Uzumaki Clan
Chakra Natures Wind Release Wind Release
Water Release Water Release
Fire Release Fire Release
Earth Release Earth Release
Lightning Release Lightning Release
Yin Release Yin Release
Yang Release Yang Release
Yin-Yang Release
Ninja Rank God
Academy Grad. Age 5
Chunin Promo. Age 10
Jonin Promo. Age 12
Deva Path
Asura Path
Human Path
Animal Path
Preta Path
Naraka Path
Outer Path
Chibaku Tensei
Summoning Technique
Blocking Technique Absorption Seal
Juubi Susanoo
Creation of All Things
Kyuubi Mode
Meteorite Technique
Chakra Chains
King Of Hell

Rikudou Uzumaki(六道うずまき" Lit. "The Sage Of The WhirlPool") or under his godly known reputation, Kami no Rikudou(6パスの神, God Of 6 Paths)

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