Perfect Dragon Fighting Style
Classification Taijutsu, Fighting Style
Chakra Nature Dragon Release Dragon Release (enhances)
Derived jutsu Strong Fist

Gentle Fist

User(s) Sigma Uchiha

History Edit

This art was founded by Sigma. It is called the Dragon, or Ryu style because of the training methods used. Tsuru-sennin turned evil and branched off his own style, known as the Crane Style. After becoming a genin, Sigma continued to practice the Dragon Art and eventually master's it. Out of this Style spawned great techniques like the Dragon Fist.

Training Techniques Edit

Eagle FeatherEdit

One of the unique training styles used in Dragon Style is the dragon's scapels. Depending on the users status, they would strap a 15 ton bag of feathers on their back. This enhanced muscle and speed after the body became used to the extra weight the bag provided. The advantage came when the bag was taken off, the body would feel lighter and thus you could move faster.

Sake BoxesEdit

Another unique training method in this style was the Sake Boxes. Sigma carried these heavy boxes full of sake bottles great distances as fast as they could. This was a great endurance and strength builder, plus it kept their cardiovascular systems pumping hard. This training style can be enhanced even further by adding the Eagle Feather training to it. Sigma was more powerful after undergoing this method.

Trivia Edit

  • The Perfect Eagle Fighting Style, was originally a fighting style from the famous anime/manga Dragon Ball. All rights reserved.

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