This is the script of the game, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 4. This script shows you the dialogues from Ultimate Mode, which is there in this game.

Chapter 1: Naruto's ReturnEdit

Story 1Edit

(The scene begins in Hidden Leaf Village where Naruto is back to his village.)

Naruto in Hidden Leaf Village again

Naruto: Ah... I'm back again to my village. It happened now 1 year due to I enjoyed my holidays!

(Jiraiya comes.)

Jiraiya: Naruto!!

Naruto: Whaah! Phew, Master Jiraiya.

Jiraiya: Yeah, alright. First you were child and we met first time, then in 16/17 years, also you came here and now finally you're 18, right?

Naruto: Heheheh, yes. Now I'm 18-years-old. Woohooooo!!

Jiraiya: So, how were your 1 year holidays?

Naruto: I enjoyed it very much. OK, now where's Grandma?

Jiraiya: Grandma!? Oh, that Tsunade! She's right in her room.

Naruto: Let's go and meet her, Master.

Jiraiya: Alright.

(The scene shifts to Tsunade's room.)

Tsunade: Well, well, well. So, Sakura, now do you still remember my trainings that I have teached you?

Sakura: Of course, Lady Tsunade.

Tsunade: Oh, alright! So, well, why did this Jiraiya didn't came yet?

(Jiraiya comes with Naruto inside Tsunade's room.)

Jiraiya: Oh, I'm back, Tsunade! Here is Naruto, he came back again.

(Tsunade and Sakura gets surprised to see Naruto.)

Tsunade: Naruto!? How... when did you come here?

Sakura: Whooh! Naruto!! You're back again.

Naruto: Hmm, so long holiday, yeah. I came because I can't stay any one moment leaving you guys. The Hidden Leaf Village is always belongs to us, not anyone.

Jiraiya: So, what's next?

Tsunade: Well, nothing. I was talking to Sakura about trainings.

Naruto: Trainings!? That's a piece of cake for me, due to my stamina will never let me down.

Sakura: Ah... you're still same like before, you didn't changed yet.

Naruto: Well, let me train again to see how's my stamina. Come on, Master Jiraiya.

Jiraiya: Ok, let's go to the Training Field right now. Come on!!

Naruto: Oh yeah, now it is great.

(The scene fades out.)

Story 2Edit

(The scene begins at the Training Field with Jiraiya & Naruto.)

Jiraiya: Ok, now first training. You gotta need to defeat the enemies around here. Don't worry, these are my ninjas. You gotta need to defeat them off & show your stamina.

Naruto: Yes, Master Jiraiya. I'm ready!!

Jiraiya: Ready! Begin it!

(The scene fades out.)


OBJECTIVES: Defeat all the enemies

(The mission begins.)

Naruto: I'm gonna defeat all of you.

Ninja: Oh, show me what you got, boy.

Ninja: Come on, everyone.

(Naruto defeats some enemies.)

Jiraiya: Oh, like. Amazing!

(Naruto defeats some enemies.)

Ninja: Woh, you're so.... strong!

(Naruto defeats all the enemies.)

Ninja: Gwaah! H-He is stronger....

(The mission completes.)

Ninja: Lord Jiraiya, your trainings made him stronger and amazing.

Jiraiya: Woh, that's cool to hear. Naruto, you still remember my trainings, that's nice.

Naruto: Yes, Master Jiraiya. I will never forget anything of your trainings.

Ninja: So, Naruto is your name.

Naruto: Yeah. So, you guys have failed to defeat me.

Ninja: Hmm, this is first time I'm battling you, but next time we would maybe win!

Jiraiya: Ok, now Naruto, the last training. You gotta need to defeat me, I wanna see your strength & stamina. Bring it on!!

Naruto: Alright, I'm ready, Master Jiraiya.

Ninja: Maybe, you could now lose in battling with our Lord Jiraiya. Let's check it out.

(The scene fades out.)

Mission 2Edit

OBJECTIVES: Defeat Jiraiya

(The mission begins.)

Jiraiya: You could not beat me, hahaha.

(Naruto fights Jiraiya.)

Naruto: I will show off my skills, right now.

(Naruto fights Jiraiya.)

Jiraiya: Well, my jutsus and ninjutsu's will defeat you, Naruto!

Naruto: Oh, but my Giant Rasengan will make you lose.

(Naruto fights Jiraiya.)

Jiraiya: Well, the strength and skills are amazing really.

(Naruto finally defeats Jiraiya.)

Jiraiya: Nooooooo way!!

(The mission completes.)

Jiraiya: Wow! Your pretty good. And your skills and stamina are nice.

Naruto: Heheheh! Thanks Master Jiraiya.

(Naruto then gets hungry.)

Naruto: Oh, I'm getting hungry, man. I got need to go right now to Ichiraku Ramen, come on.

Jiraiya: Well ok, I'll have even some rest too.

Naruto: So, let's go.

Story 3Edit

(Naruto & Jiraiya comes to Ichiraku Ramen, where Shikamaru & Temari comes.)

Shikamaru: Naruto!?

Temari: Oh, Naruto, you're back!?

Naruto: Hey, hello friends. Shikamaru and Temari, nice to meet you after a long holidays.

Shikamaru: Even same to you, the holidays were more enjoying right?

Naruto: Oh, yeah! Absolutely!

Temari: Then, well, everyone will be happy at Leaf Village that you're back.

Naruto: Yeah!

Shikamaru: So, you came to eat here, right?

Naruto: Yeah, I'm feeling hungry due to this much time I was training with Master Jiraiya in the Training Field.

Temari: Ok.

Shikamaru: So, I and Temari gotta need to go right now, see you later Naruto.

Naruto: Yeah, ok, see you later too, Shikamaru & Temari.

Jiraiya: (Hm, Naruto is still like before, not even changed. Heheheh.)

Naruto: Ok, Master Jiraiya, let's eat and come.

Jiraiya: Ok.

(The scene fades out.)

Story 4Edit

(The scene begins in Akatsuki's place.)

Pain (Akatsuki Leader): Well, a new mission has approached now.

???: A new mission? What is it?

(All of the Akatsuki members are shown.)

Pain (Akatsuki Leader): Listen, in this mission, we gotta need to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village with the help of our new powers.

Itachi: Yes, Master.

Pain (Akatsuki Leader): But that Naruto will stop us always, so we gotta need to concentrate on it very well.

Deidara: Hm... Naruto Uzumaki! I will defeat him off with my new art.

Sasori: Master Pain, we'll concentrate on the mission very well. What do you think, Hiruko - my puppet?

Hiruko: Ah, ready.

Pain (Akatsuki Leader): But, we gotta need to reach Hidden Leaf Village soon.

Kisame: Ah well, let's start moving now.

Hidan: You're right, but now I gotta need to kill Shikamaru. First I've killed Asuma Sarutobi, now I gotta need to defeat this smart guy.

Pain (Akatsuki Leader): We've failed in that mission, Gaara. Now we gotta need to really concentrate.

Kakuzu: Yes, master.

(A new voice hears.)

???: Wait.

Pain (Akatsuki Leader): Huh!?

(Sasuke & Orochimaru has shown.)


Sasuke: I will join you too.

Itachi: Brother!?

Deidara: You, Sasuke Uchiha. You gotta supposed to be friend of Naruto, right? Then, why did you came here? To defeat us by joining in our group?

Sasuke: See, listen the matter. I've already left all of my friends, and even I forget my true ambition because of this Naruto Uzumaki.

Sasori: So, you could join us too.

Orochimaru: Yes, me too.

Sasuke: Orochimaru, is my partner. You could accept it.

Itachi: Wait, did you broke the friendships?

Sasuke: Yes, I have left that Naruto and his friends too.

Pain (Akatsuki Leader): Well, accepted. You could join us.

Orochimaru: My agent Kabuto will see the Naruto from entering us. Hahahahaha!!

(The scene fades out.)


Chapter 2: The New Akatsuki'sEdit

Act 1: ProtectionEdit

Story 1Edit

(The scene begins with Naruto coming in the Hidden Leaf Village.)

Naruto: Oh, looks like it's now fresh when I come outside.

Jiraiya: Yes, maybe.

Naruto: Ah well, Pervy Sage, Master Jiraiya.

Jiraiya: I'm Pervy Sage as still as before, even also Master.

Naruto: Heheh. Ok, now let's go till the way.

(Shizune comes on the way.)


Naruto: Huh!? Shizune, what's the matter?

Shizune: The.... Akatsuki's are back...!!

Jiraiya: What the?

Naruto: Akatsuki's!? Too dangerous, now.

Shizune: Some of them are healed by their leader with a new jutsu of healing.

Naruto: A New Jutsu of Healing? Impossible?

Shizune: We've no time to talk now. They're approaching to our Leaf Village. We gotta need to fight them.

Jiraiya: Yes, right. And Shizune, you inform others to be alert too, now the new fight will begin.

Shizune: Ok.

Jiraiya: (Akatsuki's, they're impossible to be back, hm...) Ok, let's get ready. Naruto, you tell the information to Tsunade and the members on her room too, ok.

Naruto: Y-Yes, Master!

(The scene fades out.)

Story 2Edit

(The scene begins at Tsunade's room with Tsunade & Sakura.)

Tsunade: What!? The Akatsuki's!? They're back again?

Naruto: Yes, Grandma.

Sakura: Oh no, but Kakashi sensei isn't here now. For our team, we need members too.

Naruto: Yes, but where could I find him?

(A new call comes for Tsunade in her phone.)

Tsunade: Hello...... Yes..... So, you're there..... Ok..... I will send Naruto & Sakura to come there...... Ok.

(Tsunade cuts the call.)

Naruto: Who was in the phone, Grandma?

Tsunade: Ah, it's Kakashi.

Naruto: Wh-Whaat!? K-Kakashi sensei!! Oh, I love to see him.

Tsunade: He told me that you & Sakura should come to Training Field to meet him.

Sakura: But, why in Training Field!?

Tsunade: Don't know, Sakura. I think so, when you & Naruto go to that place, he would tell.

Naruto: All right, no matter what. So, Sakura, come let's go to the Training Field.

Sakura: Hey wait, don't just hurry up like that. I'm coming.

Mission 1Edit

OBJECTIVES: Get to the goal.

(The mission begins.)

Naruto: All right, Kakashi sensei.

Sakura: Hm, we're coming.

(The ninja's comes.)

Ninja: We would not allow to reach you.

Naruto: No, you-you guys are Ninjas.

Ninja: Yes, the orders are from our Master Pain.

Naruto: Ah, Pain!? Ok, no matter what, we'll defeat you.


OBJECTIVES: Defeat all the enemies.

Ninja: Woah, you're pretty strong.

(Naruto & Sakura defeats all the enemies and comes to Training Field. The mission completes.)

Naruto: Well, we are right now on Training Field, right?

Sakura: Ah yes.

(Kakashi comes.)

Kakashi: Well, well, well!

Naruto: Hey, K-Kakashi sensei!! Wooooohooo!!

Sakura: Oh yes, Kakashi sensei.

Kakashi: Well, my students. So, after a long time since the holidays of trainings given to everyone, hm....

Naruto: I'm so happy to see you're back.

Kakashi: Yeah yeah! So, any new matter?

Naruto: Yes, sensei! It's big matter.

Kakashi: Big matter!?

Sakura: Yes, Kakashi sensei. Naruto told to me & Lady Tsunade about the Akatsuki's are back. Naruto got the news from Shizune, she went to see around and told the matter.

Kakashi: Whaaat!? The Akatsuki's!? No way!!

Naruto: We gotta need to stop them, Kakashi sensei. And however, some of the Akatsuki's are been healed by something new jutsu of healing. Shizune told this to me & Jiraiya.

Kakashi: Oh, Jiraiya too knows this, good. So, Shizune must need to tell to other teams too.

Naruto: Yeah, Jiraiya told her already to tell her this matter to others too. Maybe she must have finished that right now.

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