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Mountain Release
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Name Mountain Release

Mountain Release is a Kekkei Tota that combines Earth Release, Lightning Release, and Wind Release chakra nature, Ginjo is the creator of this Kekkei Tōta. To lean this Kekkei Tota, you must have one of the 3 natures as an affinity, and not just a regular nature.

This kekkei tota has 3 main effects,

  • Anything the use comes into contact with is crushed away, chakra, earth, just about anything is crushed. The only thing the user can't crush is Lightning And Wind, even though chakra is inside these things. Also a sub-strength to this effect is that they can nullify certain technique by crushing the chakra in the technique. Though not all techniques with chakra can be effected by this sub-strength. They can do both of these effects through any part of their body, but in their hands is where the fullest potential of the effects are.
  • 2: This tota give the user a strength that is way stronger than Chakra Enhanced Strength, they are literally able to punch a very large crater in the ground.
  • 3: This tota also is able to create powerful blast, capable of obliterating a whole through a mountain. Not much is known about this effect of the kekkei tota, But one technique is capable of blowing up a small mountain.


  • 1: Is that the user of this Kekkei Tota has to always wear special restraints to keep this tota at bay. Because the user doesn't even have to intentionally do something, but they can accidentally crush a house with one touch.
  • 2: They have to stay concentrated when doing techniques from this Kekkei Tota, concentration can lead to accidents like crushing a house when the user isn't concentrated. The chakra with this Tota is very hard to just control without concentration.
  • 3: Because something like Lightning is energy, the crushing part of this kekkei tota can not crush the chakra in lightning, it is unknown why, it just can't. Also, in some instances, wind chakra is difficult to crush, though not immune to not being crushed. Also, the nullification part of the crushing effect also doesn't effect lightning, but effects winds in some instances

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