Kyan Hōkai
Aliases Leader of the Hokai Clan
Journey Information
Biographical Information
Birthdate September 2
Gender Male
Age 28
Height 6'1
Weight 175 lbs
Blood Type O
Classification S-Rank
Affiliation Shadogakure
Clan Hōkai Clan
Chakra Natures Earth Release
Fire Release
Water Release
Kekki Genkai Decay ReleaseDecay Release
Ninja Rank Jonin
Academy Grad. Age 10
Chunin Promo. Age 13
Jonin Promo. Age 15


Kyan has brown hair and wears a mask. He also wears a maroon vest and his mask is black.


He is a good person at times. He is nice towards comrades and people in his village, but during a fight he goes for the kill, doesn't matter if it a kid or the elderly. He follows orders given by his superior, so that is probably why his feelings are mixed with enemies.

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