Demon Kangaroo
Name Katsu
Kanji 勝つ
Personal Status
Gender Male
Height 160 cm
Affiliation Akatsuki Akatsuki
Classification Summon
Nature Type Lightning Release Lightning Release
Jutsu Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration
Lightning Release Shadow Clone
Lightning Release: False Darkness
Lightning Release: Four Pillar Bind
Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder
Lightning Release: Thunderbolt
Weapons Jetpack
Katsu is the Prince of Kan World.

Background Edit

Katsu is the Prince of all Kangaroos in Kan World. He met Ryohei Subarashīmono when he was transported there. They immediately felt a bond and have been friends ever since. He taught Ryohei how to fight and use his CMG's.

Abilities Edit

Katsu uses his jetpack to move around very quickly and uses it with his powerful taijutsu. He infuses his punches with Lightning Release chakra, which makes them 4x as strong.

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