Aliases Master of Kenjutsu
Journey Information
Biographical Information
Birthdate May 5
Gender Male
Age 20
Height 6'5
Weight 220 lbs
Blood Type AB
Classification S-Rank
Affiliation Kumogakure
Team Team Storm
Chakra Natures Lightning Release
Fire Release
Wind Release
Kekki Genkai Magnet Release
Ninja Rank Jonin
Academy Grad. Age 12
Chunin Promo. Age 14
Jonin Promo. Age 16
Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration
Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder
Lightning Release Four Pillar Bind
Lightning Release Shadow Clone
Lightning Release: False Darkness
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique
Shadow Clone Technique
Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique


Joshin is young man with long red hair and a scar on his left cheek.


He is cocky and loves to flirt with women. His good looks made him very cocky and full of himself. One of his best friend is Raiden Hoshima, but they have a very strong love hate relationship. And when his is mad or very serious, he will most likely try to kill you



His kenjutsu is top of the notch. Most ninja that have herd of him and fought him tell other people to avoid close combat with him. His kenjutsu skill surpasses the 7 Ninja Swordsman.

Magnet ReleaseEdit

He was born with the kekkei genkai and is one of the few to be born with it in Kumogakure. Magnet Release mixed with his kenjutsu skills are a deadly combo. He can magnetize his sword and block shuriken, and also magnetize them to use it against his opponents. He can also magnetize more than 1 sword and use them to overwhelm his opponents.


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