Tenchi and Hematite land and sees a stranger.They both fall to the ground and lost conciousness. 

Ikusa and Crow looked at them, "I know im Rikudou's brother but wow directly to my feet I love it!

Tenchi slowly waks and looks at Ikusa,"Hello." He says weakly as his vision dispates.

"You state your presence"

"Well," Tenchi says slowly standing."I just came from a battle. I crah landed here because I'm almos out of Chakra..."Tenchi then falls on his knees.

Ikusa touches the two one the heads when suddenly they both feel like they have just been re energized. "I've just given the two of you chakra, so now fight me to your deaths hmm?"

"Death? I dont plan on dying." Hematite says standing up.Suddenly the 12 tails voice comes in both of their head."I dont think this is a good idea...this guy...seems familier..." Suddenly the two Shinobi start to back away.

"Don't be afraid my bites aren't that deep, Senpondo!"

"We go to get out of here." Tenchi says going into his Full Chakra Release.Hematite then goes into his Lighting Mode."He is powerful! 12 Tails give us strength!!!" Suddenly The 12 Tails Gives them a massive Chakra increase.They then race towards Ikusa butjumps into the air before they meet him."MULTI RASENGAN!!!" Tenchi then volleys 10 Rasengan and Hesmatite mimics this.

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