Hikari Bujin
Journey Information
Experience 1,000
Ryō 99,100
Biographical Information
Birthdate 8/24
Gender Male
Age 14
Height 5"9'
Weight 107 lb.
Blood Type A+
Tailed Beast Chōmei and 8 wings
Classification Chunin
Affiliation Konoha
Family Senshi
Clan Ryūnoichizoku
Chakra Natures Fire_Release.png Fire

Earth_Release.png Earth

Kekki Genkai Ryūgan (not avalible)
Ninja Rank Genin
Academy Grad. Age 10
Clone jutsu

Replacement jutsu

Mech style:Mech clone jutsu (not avalible)

Rasengan (not avalible)

Partial Beast Unlocking technique (not avalible)

Physical AppearanceEdit

His hair is blue for some reason. His green undershirt has a reflective pasting so his shirt appears to be 2 colors. His shirt is gray with a reflective pasting also. His pants are blue with a pink bandage on his right knee from getting a scar some tie ago.In his sleeves he has secret shooters that shoots spider-like webbing so he can trap his opponents.


He can be troublesome at times but also serious 24/7.He is curious at mostly everything so he can get distracted almost easily.


He is very swift due to training hard.He has built a special shooter that can shoot many things:Webbings (made from a special material,Shurikens,elixers,ect.;due to his various experimentations he is very skilled at machinery with a high intellect.

Here are the things Hikari can shoot from his shooters (right now):Fire,Ice,kunais,webbing,elixers,and explosive tags.

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