Golden Aura Defense

Ninjutsu, Chakra Flow





Other Jutsu
Derived Jutsu

Golden Stream Attack
Golden Orb Attack
Golden Aura Defense
Golden Aura Technique
Golden Aura: Golden Dragon
Golden Dome Attack
Golden Dome Technique


Kamon Namikaze

This article, Golden Aura Defense, is the property of iSavage.

While In the Golden Aura Technique, Kamon, Riako, and Konami can make their chakra very compact and solid; most things cannot penetrate this technique. Also while not in their Golden Aura Technique, they can defend against attacks that manifest chakra or chakra natures by containing it with their own chakra. They can block things with even 1 finger, all they do is manifest a little chakra out of their hands or fingers, and catch or block the attack by overlapping and containing the attack with more chakra.</span>

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