Naruto Full Power reload by Saint Preux

Full Chakra Release

Full Chakra Release is a real life phenomenon that grants the user unfathomable power as long as they have Chakra. It is otherwise known as Natural Sync.


In this, the user's body is incased with Pure Chakra. Their hair stands up, gives them a blue glow, and looks as if they are suspended like they are under water.


This grants the user the ability to control all the elements.This jutus incases them into a state that incases them with Yang Release blue Chakra that makes them nearly invulnerable to most attacks.This also gives them instant speed, fast enough to dodge multiple bolts of lighting. Their stength is a little bit stronger than Naruto's Final Beast Mode. The strength is enough to crush mountains. Another thing is that it enhances the justu used in this form, increasing the damage of the justu. Although it grants this, when this form is over the caster will feel very tired, and their body will ache. It does not take much energy to go into the form, and while it the form it only drains a little Chakra to maintain. You can, however be beaten out of the form.


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