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Name Eren
Kanji エレン
Romanji Eren
Personal Status
Birthdate September 7
Age 7
Gender Male
Height 4'4
Weight 70 lbs
Blood Type O
Hometown Konohagakure
Home Country Land of Fire
Occupation N/A
Family Hayao(Cousin)
Rank Academy Student
Ninja Registration 32344
Kekkei Genkai Divine Art(not yet)
Nature Type Yang Release
Jutsu Light Sensing Technique
Shadow Clone Technique

Eren is an academy student currently living in Konohagakure, he is the cousin of Hayao and rivals with Aizen Ishida, though, at the same time, he is friends with him, also he is good friends with Mutsuo



Eren is a small kid, only 4'4 and 70 pounds, he has yellow hair, and a scar above his right eyebrow. He has blue eyes, and his hair is spikey. He usually wears a white T-Shirt, with a orange vest, then he wears blue pants and blue sandals. On his arm, he has a white wrist band.


He is a cocky little child, but he does childish things, he like to play, and eat. He doesn't like to loose either, if he looses to someone in something, he will challenge that person until he wins, he doesn't like to loose out to anyone, that's how he became rivals with Aizen. At the academy when it was time to practice Kunai and Shuriken, Eren was about to be named the best in the class at shurikenjutsu, but Aizen came and beat him to that spot. Eren was mad, and just had to beat him. Another thing about Eren is that he has a lot of pride and determination, when he lost out to Aizen, he just had to beat him, so he trained and trained to become better than Aizen in shurikenjutsu. Its the same with everyone just about, he will not stop until he is better than that person.



Eren is pretty smart, he is nearly the top of his class at the academy, behind Aizen Ishida, he aces all of his test at the academy, and he is smart outside of school as well. He is the second smartest kid in his class behind Aizen Ishida, but even though he is cocky and pretty obnoxious, he is smart.

Chakra ControlEdit

Eren has chakra control better than Mutsuo and Aizen Ishida, he can funnel his chakra into his feet and move pretty fast, faster then his 2 friends. He also just like his friends can funnel chakra into a kunai or shuriken and throw it, maintaining the chakra that flows through it. Also later on in his Advance Classes, Eren was able to perform the Shadow Clone Technique making 1 clone and maintaining it. When Yoru sealed himself into Eren, he was also able to use the Light Sensing Technique.


He is very skilled in taijutsu just being an academy student, he was able to beat Aizen Ishida during Taijutsu training in less than 30 seconds. In his fighting style, he attacks, then when a counter is presented, he counters the opponents counter which is what he did to Aizen. At the moment his taijutsu is at the level of a near chunin level.

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