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Dust Release (塵遁, JintonViz "Particle Style") is an advanced nature kekkei tōta, an advanced version of kekkei genkai, which is created through simultaneous use of theearthwind, and fire natures. The techniques of this nature initially form as a small three-dimensional object (e.g. a cube, a cone, etc.) composed of chakra that forms between the user's hands. When the technique is released, the form expands and surrounds the target. This nature allows the user to manipulate molecules, giving them the ability to disintegrate anything on a molecular level within the boundaries of the three-dimensional form.

Dust Release techniques seem to require a certain amount of time when preparing the three-dimensional object, making it possible to prematurely halt the technique before it is completed, but once it's finished, the technique can be fired with astonishing speed. The hands also play a crucial role in preparation of techniques, interfering with the user's arms can hinder the technique.[1][2] Dust Release techniques also appear to be rather chakra-taxing.[3]

Only two known shinobi are currently capable of utilising this chakra nature: Mū and his student, Ōnoki.

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