"Sigma, Raido!" Sayas a mysterious looking man.

"Yes Lord Ikusa?" Both of the two young shinobi state.

Ikusa then replies; "Time for you two to capture the Four-Tails. I think it's about time this world know what peace and harmony really is." Sigma and Raido then look at each other as they both then grab their Akatsuki cloaks. Then the two race towards Iwagakure.

While on the way there the two are having a conversation. "Sigma, I think Lord Ikusa means business." Raido states. Sigma looks over at Raido, "Trust me Raido, when we get done with this war he will make sure everything goes as planned. Why I am happy to see this world be made into true peace and harmony." Raido then feels releaved. "Well for now the Four-Tails is our main target." Sigma adds.

After hours of looking for the Jinchuriki, the two Akatsuki members run across two shinobi speaking about him. "Well the Jinchuriki is pretty strong" says one of the Iwa-nin. Sigma and Raido jump down from the tress, when Raido states "Since he's so string you won't have a problem of telling us where he is now would you?" The two Iwa-nin start to tremble as they notice the cloud on the other two ninja's cloaks, "Yo-you're Akatsuki members!" Shouts the other ninja. "I see we are very known from our founders." Raido says. Sigma then looks at Raido and says his name. Raido then appears behind one Iwa-nin and easily takes him out. Next he places his hand on the other Iwa-nin, and the Iwa-nin shouts "No please!!!!"

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