• Arrihax

    Naruto series

    July 27, 2017 by Arrihax



    i am new to this series and I really like it, so far I'm on about episode 110 or around there and i am watching it on Netflix and that only goes so far. Once I finish Naruto on Netflix Im going to finish it on crunchy roll but to make sure I watch every episode correvtly and in order please let me know if I have this order correct of the series. And please let me know if it's necessary to watch the movies or if im good just watching the series, first Naruto, then Naruto Shippuden, then Baruto. right? Those are the only series in the franchise, right ? please reply and tell me if im correct and if I need to watch the movies or not. Thank you!

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  • Olli1997

    Hello there everyone I wanted to ask you something what if there was a new Naruto universe beside the one we know and in that Universe Anko was a child at the same age as Naruto and the others during the start.

    Now get me right in this universe there is five teams instead of four which means that Anko is in the fifth group how would you guys take it if she was a Child tho Kakashi was an adult ??

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  • SakuraNeko58

    Lera Kami

    February 21, 2017 by SakuraNeko58

    Lera Kami (令楽 神, Kami Lera) Is A Kunoichi From The Village Hidden In The Leafs, She Was Born With The 12 Tailed Beast, Shiro Inside Of Her...

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  • EmperorSigma

    Hello once more I am, EmperorSigma and i'm here today with another probably boring blog. Though if you look forward to making or currently have an Ucchiha Clan character then this blog is certainly for you.

    "In order to make a sensible Uchiha Clan mamber you will need these steps, and if you don't 10 times out of 10 the character will be either bye bye or smoeone will be kind enough to help (thats nearly never though)."

    1st: First and foremost do not I repeat DO NOT leave out the part about how he/she either A.) Had nothing to do with the Massacre or B.)Escaped it. This part of the character needs to be if anything put into his background.

    2nd: There will be no possible way for a Uchiha Clan member to be 11 years old if you character is supposed to…

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  • ROOT 根


    May 21, 2013 by ROOT 根

    Can anyone give me Ideas for a Jonin level character?

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  • ISavage

    Hi. I am User:iSavage and I am the KazeKage of this naruto fan site. So this means I am in charge of all Senju based characters. 

    1.Just about all Senju characters are Nice and Peaceful, so don't make it to where they are evil and hate everything like the Uchiha or start wars for no reason, Its not nice. Also you have to tell me where they were because the Senju clan is just about extinct, so they can't be in Konohagakure because it says that the Senju didn't become one of the four noble clans of Konohagakure nor is there any known people with the last name Senju so yeah.

    2.Wood Release. Ok so in order for your Senju character to have Wood Release, you have to get permission from me, and even then you still have to come up with a really good ex…

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  • EmperorSigma

    Sharingan Policy

    May 16, 2013 by EmperorSigma

    Now, as for the Sharingan. I'm certain its unnessecary to remind you of the current ban on Dojutsu. I've received alot of requests for the Sharingan, and several people seem to want it, I've already made my opinions of the Sharingan abundantly clear, and in all honesty I'd prefer if it was used much less than it currently is. Cause at this point its become so sickeningly omnipresent that I wish to commit seppuku whenever I see an Uchiha article. But despite my issues with the Sharingan I cannot outright ban it, and I also believe to an extent that its possible to make good use of it if you use it right. Thus, to ensure that this happens, I've decided to write up a policy regarding its use, fortunately this is within my jursidiction, and it…

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  • EmperorSigma

    Rinnegan Policy

    May 16, 2013 by EmperorSigma


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  • EmperorSigma

    Hello fellow wikia editors it is I, Emperor Sigma. This will mostly likely be a long boring blog, but I promise if you're cut out for the job it will be worth. This means, I, and I mean I will choose who will be chosen a Kage and be apart of the Shinkage. Theses roles will be split up into Hokage, Kazekage, Raikage, Mizukage, and last but least Tsuchikage (I meant what I said last but least he's weak though has a big role).

    Hokage: Leaf Shadow is me Emperor Sigma my role is pretty much running the site, though there is one thing I will do. Any Uchiha Clan based people will be looked through thoroughly by me. What I will be looking for I how they survived the massacre. That's all for now i'll make a blog later for it.

    Kazekage: Wind Shadow will be bas…

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