Amal Uzumaki is the son of Hashirama Senju and Mito uzumaki. Being the son of a Senju and Uzumaki, he was destined to be a prodigy. However his father died sometime after his legendary battle with Madara Uchiha in a war when Mito was pregnant. Madara Uchiha was the only person to know of Hashirama's son, as not even his older brother knew. After the death of his father, Amal was kidnapped by Madara causing great grief for his mother Mito, yet she told no one as ordered by Hashirama. Under the tutelage of Madara, Amal blossomed into an exceptional Shinobi and was given the Sharingan from Madara's Sharingan collection. Through this process Amal awakened the Rinnegan in his left eye due to the mixing of Senju and Uchiha DNA. Later on his Sharingan developed into the Eternal Mankeyo Sharingan which was in his right eye. He had a natural grasp for the sharingan as he had Senju DNA which allowed him to successfully use the Sharingan.


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